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I was made aware of a new online LEGO magazine, The Brick Collectors Magazine in the forum earlier in the week so I thought I'd check it out, and having done so I was so impressed that I wanted you all to know about it.

It's very different to BrickJournal and Hispabrick which cater for the hardcore AFOL. It's billed as 'The magazine for every member of your LEGO family' and it is exactly that. It's written by the parents of two children and contains ideas, instructions, games, puzzles and information that will be of interest to other families, both the parents and the kids.

Issue two has just been published. Issue one, published in May, can also be downloaded.

They are very well produced and written and if you have young kids yourself, I highly recommend taking a look. Even if you don't, you'll probably find something of interest in them. I hope the family continues to produce more issues; the surge of downloads that will result from this article will hopefully encourage them to do so.

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By in Ireland,

Thanks for pointing this out. I'm just after downloading this and it looks good.

By in Australia,

Thanks for the 'head's up' on this magazine and website. I have two small children and this magazine is perfect, as it says "for every member of your Lego family".

We will be building LETTERS out of Duplo and my four year old can't wait to build her own treasure box to fill with bits and bobs.

The ideas and articles are fresh, short and to the point- when time is scarce and you want some inspiration over a cup of coffee - they make a great read.

Please, let them continue to be downloadable as living on the tip of Africa, we do not have access to all the fantastic 'specials', 'givaways' and the like that are available elsewhere.

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