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When I was in Canada in the summer, I had the pleasure of meeting up with Chris McVeigh (aka Powerpig). Chris is, without doubt, one of the most talented LEGO builders around. Not only are his models fantastic, but his photography is superb which results in stunning works of art, as you can see in his Flickr stream and on Facebook.

Chris has started to make instructions of his popular models and produce kits for some of them which he sells at Storenvy. He kindly gave me one of his Christmas ornaments, pictured, so, now we're in the holiday season, I thought I'd do a quick review.

This 'Barrel Ornament' is one of a whole range of Christmas ornaments that Chris has designed. It's available in a variety of colours; the one I have is the green/red variant.


Chris McVeigh barrel ornamentIt is attractively packed in a large polythene bag, with a card band round it showing the name of the model.



Chris McVeigh barrel ornamentThe kit consists of 74 parts. Most are common, although there are a few in large quantities, the white 1 x 2 clips for example, that are a little harder to find.



Image1The instructions are clear and very well produced. They can be downloaded as a PDF.


The completed model

Chris McVeigh barrel ornamentThe completed model has a perfect octagonal barrel shape and looks attractive and colourful, and looks great hanging on a Christmas tree.

It costs $17.50 which sounds like a lot for a <100-piece set, but if you don't have the parts on hand already, buying it in kit form rather than sourcing the parts yourself will save a lot of time and effort, and let's not forget that many of those likely to buy it won't be familiar with, or confident using, the online parts marketplaces.

So, go and grab yourself a Chris McVeigh original today...

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By in United Kingdom,

Cool,I made my own LEGO Christmas tree Ornament a few days ago,I only made one though ;)

By in United Kingdom,

I love Chris' builds. He's published a lot of new building guides this month, including a TARDIS ornament!

By in Germany,

Real awesome works he does!!

By in United Kingdom,

The instructions are fantastic. This is the second year I've put together an advent calendar for my husband where each day he gets a couple of pieces of one of these bauble sets and a couple of instructions.

By in Canada,

caperberry, where is this TARDIS ornament that you speak of? I can't find it on his website.

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