LEGO 70115-1: Ultimate Speedor Tournament 40% off at MTF online Canada

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Ultimate Speedor Tournament

If you are a fan of LEGO Legends of Chima, then this deal is for you!

MTF Price Matters Canada Online is currently selling 70115 Ultimate Speedor Tournament Set for $23.97, which is 40% off the regular retail price.

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By in Canada,

Why someone would even drop $25 for that is beyond me. Lego should just scrap the entire theme and stop wasting our time by trying to give us a NinjaGo replacement. Other than that bit of negativity, I can honestly say I've never heard of the website! No really, that's the most interesting piece of news to me.

By in United States,

@Ypres, as a Chima fan I will try to say this as nicely as nicely as possible. STOP trying to put your opinion in our face like that. So instead of putting it like you did maybe you could say "I just don't like, that's all." Because when you put it like that you really disrupt the fun for us who do like it.

By in Canada,

@Coson, I don't care how you feel after reading my comment. I wasn't ranting about the theme, and saying that I think Lego should scrap the theme is essentially the same as me stating my dislike of Chima so I fail to see why it "disrupts the fun" for people who like it. What's an American doing reading, much less commenting, on a Canadian article anyway? My comment wasn't directed at anyone, especially not you, so don't act offended.

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