With Friends Like These..., Majestic Airship Recognition, and Zim Invades Cuusoo.

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This week, we are featuring a project based on the Friends line. There are no where near as many Friends builds as standard minifigs but they are certainly out there.

With Friends in Space, Builder42 showcases perfectly aspects of my favorite projects on Cuusoo, stepping outside the box and preconceived notions and does so in a very cool way.

Builder42 has done an amazing job customizing these figures, reimagining them in an more action driven sci-fi perspective with a real anime feel, of course the Macross inspired flightsuits and helmets add that effect.

Even with the harder edge of these elements you can see it still works well with the standard Friends elements like this pink skirt.

The project also showcase quite well that pink and spacecraft can go together quite well.

When LEGO produces the VF-1 (fingers crossed), I might just have to commission Builder42 to make me one of these amazing figures.

Also make sure to check out Builder42's Calamity Jayne 2. The other reason I am bringing you this project today is to showcase the importance of tags.

I can't believe that both these projects would be lounging around in the SUB 100! range if people knew they existed and in Cuusoo, if you don't have the right tags, you are a blip on the radar and if you have NO tags, it's like you don't even exit.

Tags are what drive the web of interconnectivity on Cuusoo. If you have no tags, you are basically sitting outside the network.

Majestic Airship Voted Fan Favorite

With 39% of participants in favor, The Majestic Airship has been selected for special recognition within the community of FOLs.

This recognition comes in the form of the widget you see on the right sidebar which will serve to direct the attention of FOLs to this amazing MOC.

A Week of Cuusoo

Wow what a week it was. A lot of stuff happened and that is all I will really say about that as I think it has been covered enough already.

My pick for this week is Invader Zim. That is probably a surprise to a lot of people who have been following my excitement over the new Jurassic Park set.

First off, really, take a look at the project, seriously it is a fantastic MOC. At this scale, the house might look just like a sketch but the team behind it has intentionally gone for a cartoon-like effect. The build is actually fully designed with fantastic play features.

The larger reason though is that it has been brought to my attention that Jurassic Park is licensed to Kreo for 2014, When a license is threatened in such a way, I find it difficult to overlook other strong projects without a known licensing conflict.

There is also an Amazing Lamborghini and even a Baba Yaba with Chicken Legged Hut that came out on Cuusoo this week.

The Road to Oz project has also implemented a tactic that I have been expecting to crop up. JeremiahKC will award one supporter/entrant a collection of brick build Wizard of Oz characters when the project reaches 10,000. I have looked into this a little bit before and there is sometimes some legally nebulous grounds to stand on so we will have to see how that turns out.

Additionally this week, I take a look at a new app called Mini Mi which allows you to create very attractive minifigs on the fly. This could be a very good tool for presenting figures as part of their Cuusoo projects.

There is also an interesting LEGO sorting table on Kickstarter, not for everyone but definitely for some people.

My review of these projects, and a few other ramblings about Cuusoo and crowd sourced / funded projects can be found here.

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The Friends in Space project is amazing. It kind of makes me wonder how Exo-Force might have been if it had used figures like the Friends mini-dolls. Sure, AFOLs wouldn't like it, but this project really shows how well the mini-dolls can work for that shonen anime aesthetic.

I'm also a fan of the Majestic Airship. It'd be nice if the envelope could be more brick-built, but this is something that has presented problems every time I've tried to design an airship on LDD. Anyway, if pirate ship sails don't have to be brick-built, neither does an airship envelope.

By in United States,

The Friends project?

To retain the girl-themed, 'hearts and spice and everything nice' (I forgot the original phrase) kinda feel of Friends, I cannot see TLG producing that project. Granted, it's a good, original idea. But I'm not so sure how TLG would respond to it.

By in United States,

A Lego Grrr would be AWESOME! Zim - "Grrr, why is the soap made of bacon???" Grrr - "I made it myself!" "Let's make biscuits!"

By in United States,

Builder42 is not Blake Foster. He's M.R. Yoder: http://www.flickr.com/photos/yoderism/

Honestly, those projects have been on CUUSOO for so long it's possible they were submitted before the site even had tags. I've been a supporter of Friends in Space for a long time, but realized I hadn't supported CJ2, so thank you for bringing it back to my attention!

P.S. I was curious to see if there was a "Tags" area on the page so I fired up the "Wayback Machine" and took a look at the page that was cached there on Dec. 13th 2011 (about a month or two after it was submitted) and it HAS tags:


Not a lot, and highly specific ones, but still... Oddly, they somehow disappeared by August 17th 2012:


By in United States,


Thanks for posting the bad link, it was a copy/paste error.

By in United States,

^ FYI, the bad link is still there, in the last paragraph of that section of the article "at his personal website".

By in United States,

^ Ah! Now I know what happened. Thanks. I am working on a new system for creating my article templates so this should not happen again.

Thanks for the eagle eyes.

By in United Kingdom,

Is this app in the App store? I can't find it. Anyway, great article again GlenBricker.

By in United States,

I just did a search in the app store for "mini mi" and had no issue finding it.



By in United States,

Bummer that Hasbro is making Kreo Jurassic Park sets (Lego better take care of itself).

By in United States,

With the final Clone Wars season coming up, I think it would be cool to look at some of the Clone Wars sets on Cuusoo. There are many recent ones that I think are impressive. I (Xendor) am actually working on the Turtle Tanker (Cargo Shuttle) that Darth Maul and Savage Opress have when they kidnap Obi-Wan Kenobi, but no guarantees about when it will be out.

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