Battle of Alamut: last few remaining

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Battle of Alamut

Jason from Chowren Toys has been in touch to say that the Prince of Persia Battle of Alamut for $60 offer has been going well and that there are now just a few sets remaining. So, if you're still in the market for one, head on over and place your order today.

Enter promo code BRICKS7573 at the checkout to get this price. The promotion will last until 11:59 pm (US West Coast time) Sunday Sept 8, 2013.

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From a couple weeks 'terrible/horribly priced' TRU in the Rego Mall in Queen, NY STILL has some Prince of Persia sets. I saw a couple of Ostrich race ones, a Battle for Alamut and maybe another. WELL ABOVE retail. They have some great parts though. I'm tempted to snag one but they are far above retail in my area. Oh and they have a nice cake of dust on the boxes...;)

By in Canada,

There are still 20 available with just 3 days left for this promotion. If you are in the US please select one of the UPS shipping options as it will be cheaper than any of the USPS options. For readers in the US even after shipping this will still be well below retail price. There are no dust on these we promise as they were shipped and stored in their original LEGO case. Thanks, Jack.

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