Cuusoo: Talk Like a Pirate Day Showcase

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So, in the random craziness that is life, I must confess that the upcoming Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19th) totally slipped my mind when picking Scorpions Soul for this week's project.

The response to Scorpion's Soul has been spectacular though, and with the upcoming "holiday", I figure why not press the luck and see if we can't get a few Pirate projects on the Cuusoo leader board for the week. Or at least confuse people looking at the Cuusoo real-time stream.

What follows is a parade of pirate projects presently presented on Cuusoo.

Flying Dutchman by Sebeus

10x Scale Parrot by TimeCruiser


classic LDD galleon ship by loh.matthias


Pirate Ship: Going Merry by Brook1994


Pirates - The Bell Tower by montoumes


Trading Ship by Sebeus


mini-Queen Anne's Revenge by jamesZHAN


LEGO Legend by kris_kelvin


Lady Sabre's Airship Pegasus by GlenBricker


The Goonies 30th Anniversary by Lyonsblood


Smiley Skull Rock by JWG258


Pirates - POTC Flying Dutchman by montoumes


Pirates Of The Caribbean Flying Dutchman by bluebunny


The Princess Bride by Mykle03


PotC - Jack Sparrow vs. Kraken by Skrytsson


Chibi Lego builds ( CHIBO'S ) DISNEY, Pirates of the Caribbean - Hector Barbossa, Davy Jones and Capt. Jack Sparrow by DarthKy


Scorpion's Soul Pirate Ship by hasskabal


Modular System: Pirate Isle by MA1983

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By in United States,

Anyone who likes LEGO ships definately needs to checkout the Scorpion's Soul Pirate Ship, as well a sthe flickr photo stream provided in the cuusoo page. I am quite impressed with the model, as well as the build process that the nearly 300 photos detail... ;-)

I would definately purchase this thing. I even considering aquiring the parts to build it myself. That is how detailed the flickr stream is...

By in United Kingdom,

Love those POTC figure builds!

By in United States,

Row,row, row Lego boat gently down the stream....

By in United States,

Wow, they all look excellent, don't they matey? :-P

By in United Kingdom,

Cool,the first ship looks awesome and the parrot is nice as well ;)

By in United States,

What FUN! I have never heard of Talk Like a Pirate day before but passed in on to all my coworkers --- and I already voted on the Scorpion's Soul. What a FANTASTIC build ----- Aaarrrgghh

By in United States,

These are all pretty neat ideas. Thanks for listing these projects for us glenbricker! Next week you should feature some Middle-earth projects since next week is Tolkien Week (September 22nd is Frodo & Bilbo's birthday).

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