July Toy Sales - K-Mart and Big-W catalogues available on-line now

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Undersea Explorer

July is the time of year that the big retailers traditionally have large toy sales here in Australia. In keeping with that tradition, K-Mart and Big-W have just released their 2010 Toy Sale catalogues on-line (K-Mart, Big-W), and LEGO products feature prominantly in these catalogues. Click through to the comments to get a full listing of all items listed in the catalogues.

Highlights from the K-Mart catalogue include the new City Fire Sets (7206, 7207, 7208) and the Star Wars Hoth Wampa Cave (8089). From the Big W Catalogue, the main highlight is the City Airport (3182), and the City Police Station (7744), which has been discounted considerably below the LEGO Recommended Retail Price.

Both the Big-W and K-Mart toy sales start on Thursday 01 July 2010 and both finish on Wednesday 14 July 2010.

Click through to the comments to get a full listing of all items listed in the Big-W and K-Mart catalogues.

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By in Australia,

Here are the items listed within the K-Mart catalogue:

8080 Undersea Explorer – AUD 54.00 **

Bricks and More
5512 LEGO® XXL Box – AUD 69.00 (Was: 99.99) **

3178 Seaplane – AUD 14.00 (Was: AUD 17.99)
3179 Repair Truck – AUD 15.00 (Was: AUD 19.99)
3180 Tank Truck – AUD 25.00 (Was: AUD 34.99)
3181 Passenger Plane – AUD 39.00 (Was: AUD 59.99)
7206 Fire Helicopter – AUD 49.00 (Was: AUD 59.99) **
7207 Fire Boat – AUD 59.00 (Was: AUD 79.99) *
7208 Fire Station – AUD 99.00 (Was: AUD 129.99) *
7213 Off-Road Fire Truck and Boat – AUD 59.00 (Was: AUD 69.99) **
7235 Police Motorcycle – AUD 7.00
7236 Police Car – AUD 7.00 (Was: AUD 9.99)
7635 4WD With Horse Trailer – AUD 25.00 (Was: AUD 34.99)
7638 Tow Truck – AUD 14.00 (Was: AUD 19.99)
7639 Camper – AUD 25.00 (Was: AUD 29.99)
7741 Police Helicopter – AUD 12.00 (Was: AUD 14.99)
7942 Off-Road Fire Rescue – AUD 14.00 (Was: AUD 14.99) **

5892 Sonic Boom – AUD 69.00 (Was: AUD 89.99) **
6745 Propeller Power – AUD 25.00 (Was: AUD 34.99) **
6747 Race Rider – AUD 25.00 (Was: AUD 34.99) **

5497 Play with Numbers - AUD 38.00 (Was: AUD 48.00)
5648 Horse Stables - AUD 48.00 (Was: AUD 69.99)

Star Wars
8089 Hoth Wampa Cave – AUD 69.00 **
10198 Tantive IV – AUD 299.00 **

8046 Helicopter – AUD 26.00 (Was: AUD 29.99) **

Items marked ** are apparently "Only at K-Mart" according to the K-Mart catalogue.

By in Australia,

The Highlight of the BigW catalogue is Lukes Landspeeder for AUD$34.87 well below the R.R.P.
The Police Station is AUD$87.88 everyday at BigW and AUD$88 at Kmart.

Both Kmart and BigW sales are well below previous years and the prices reflect this.

By in Australia,

Listed, below, are the items within the Big-W catalogue:

Bricks and More
5508 Basic Brick Tub AUD 78.62 ***

3179 Power Repair Truck AUD 13.66 (Was: 18.66)
3180 Tanker Truck AUD 22.88 (Was: 28.88)
3182 Airport AUD 98.00 (Was: 123.00)
3222 Helicopter & Limo AUD 31.87 (Was: 43.87)
7684 Pig Farm & Tractor AUD 47.66 ***
7744 Police Station AUD 87.88

5867 Super Speedster AUD 38.74 ***
5891 Apple Tree House AUD 58.74 (Was: 73.74)

5507 Duplo Brick Tub AUD 78.62 ***

Star Wars
8085 Freeco Speeder AUD 34.87 (Was: 42.87) ***
8086 Droid Tri-Fighter AUD 34.87 (Was: 42.87) ***
8087 TIE Defender AUD 63.87 (Was: 76.87)
8088 ARC-170 Star Fighter AUD 77.88 (Was: 87.88)
8092 Luke's Landspeeder AUD 34.87 (Was: 42.87) ***

Toy Story
7590 Toy Story Woody and Buzz To The Rescue AUD 23.72 (Was: 28.72)
7593 Toy Story Buzz Lightyear's Star Command Space Ship AUD 42.74 (Was: 53.74)
7594 Toy Story Woody's Round-Up AUD 69.74 (Was: 87.74)
7596 Toy Story 3 Trash Compactor AUD 74.74 (Was: 87.74)
7597 Toy Story 3 Western Train Chase AUD 114.00 (Was: 124.00)
7789 Toy Story 3 Lotso's Truck AUD 27.62 (Was 37.62)

Items marked *** are apparently "Only at Big-W" according to the Big-W catalogue.

By in Australia,

I went to 2 Big W stores on the weekend.

The first one (Fountain Gate - VIC) had the 7744 Police Station already set and selling at the new "everyday low price" of $87.88.

The second store (Southland - VIC) still had the old price of about $139, and staff said it would not be sold at the lower price until the catalogue starts on July 1.

Kmart at both Fountain Gate and Southland still also had their price at $139!

So if you are near Fountain Gate and want to try and pick up a Police Station set before they run out when the sales start on Thursday, head to Big W!

By in Australia,

@ paulwegs, did you scan the items or just rely on the "ticketed" price? It is unusual for these stores to have differing prices as price changes like this are done from Head Office.

By in Australia,

@ paulwegs - All of the Big-W stores I have been to have been selling set 7744 for $87.88 here in Sydney. As MinifigHQ mentioned, it would be worth scanning the set to double-check whether the staff at the stores you visited are correct in what they are saying about the price.

By in Australia,

7744 is also listed at $87.88 on the Big W online store so you should be able to get it in store easy enough, they probably just haven't changed the tickets over in the toy department.

By in Australia,

@MinifigHQ - The items were scanned and checked. The Fountain Gate store scanned at the new low price (as was ticketed), and the Southland store scanned at the regular higher price. I questioned a manager at Southland who said they were not lowering the price until the catalogue started. I asked why it was different at another store, and he said each store manager has the ability to override the pricing depending on stock levels and whether they believe it will be of benefit to them. He said the Fountain Gate manager must have chosen to implement the new pricing sooner rather than later.

I guess if they are now advertising it on their online store at the lower price, and it seems most other stores are at the lower price, then Southland must be shooting themselves in the foot by keeping it higher - or they may just be trying to milk as much money out of the shoppers as they can before the sale starts!

By in Australia,

Also Toys R Us sale stars Wednesday Temple of Doom set for $70.

By in New Zealand,

Kmart NZ has the Tantive for $259 NZ in their online catalogue. Someone's looking after us kiwis. Haven't seen the Wampa Cave anywhere though

By in Australia,

Big W at Fountain Gate (VIC) yesterday were allowing customers to layby toys at the reduced toy sale catalogue prices - 2 days ahead of the sale start date! Might be a good chance to snap up some Lego before the unaware swarms take over the store at midnight tonight.

By in Ireland,

Is the a W or K Mart in Europe

By in Australia,

@Darren Coppinger - this news article refers to stores in Australia. As far as I understand, the K-Mart chain of stores in Australia has nothing in common with K-Mart in any other part of the world, other than sharing the same name.

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