Costco Canada: Christmas LEGO Inventory

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Mandalorian Speeder

Costco Canada appears to have its full LEGO Christmas stock in store. Here is the run down:


"LEGO Minifigure Year By Year A Visual History" from DK Publishing. Priced at $19.99 CND

Friends Book Bundle "Heart Lake City Collection". Priced at $7.49 CND

"On the move collection" featuring polybag 30184. Priced at $7.49 CND


Friends Adventure Camper (3184). Priced at $28.99 CND

Friends City park Café (3061). Priced at $ 28.99 CND

Ninjago Temple of Light (70505). Priced at $ 66.99 CND

A-Wing Starfighter ( 75003). Priced at $ 23.99 CND

Madalorian Speeder (75022). Priced at $ 23.99 CND

City Coast Guard Helicopter (60013). Priced at $ 36.99 CND

City Fire Emergency ( 60003). Priced at $ 36.99 CND

Duplo Neverland Hideout (10513). Priced at $ 19.99 CND

Alarm Clock Darth Vadar / Storm Trooper. Priced at $ 16.79 CND

Advent Calendar

The City advent calendar was at some locations.

Thank you Brickset user Odeinoichus for reminding me.

By in United States,

Why don't you have the "LEGO Minifigure Year By Year A Visual History" book in the inventory?

By in Canada,

That's quite the selection, I'm, going have to keep a look out.

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