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As mentioned in a previous news article, June/July is the time of year that all of the large retailers in Australia generally have sales on toys, including LEGO products. Target and Toys 'R' Us are the next retailers to announce their up-coming toy sales, and have released their catalogues on-line with pricing (Links to catalogues: Toys 'R' Us | Target).

It is worthy mentioning that Target will be releasing a first-offering of World Racers sets for this sale.

The Toys 'R' Us Toy Sale begins on Wednesday 30 June 2010 and finishes Saturday 11 July 2010
The Target Toy Sale begins Thursday 22 July 2010 and finishes Wednesday 04 August 2010.

Click through to the comments to view a lisiting of all LEGO items featured in both the TRU and Target catalogues.

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By in Australia,

Toys 'R' Us

Items featured in the TRU Toy Sale catalogue are as follows:

5659 Duplo Toy Story Great Train Chase - AUD 49.99 (save $10)
5691 Duplo Toy Story Space Crane - AUD 69.99 ***

8060 Typhoon Turbo Sub - AUD 31.99 (Save $8)
8061 Gateway of the Squid - AUD 47.99 (Save $12)
8075 Neptune Carrier - AUD 71.99 (Save 1$8)

Indiana Jones
7199 Temple of Doom - AUD 69.99 (Save $70)

Toy Story
7594 Woody's Round-Up - AUD 79.99 (Save $20)

*** denotes that the item is (apparently) "Only at Toys 'R' Us" according to the TRU catalogue.

The Toys 'R' Us Toy Sale starts Thursday 30 June 2010 and finishes Sunday 11 July 2010.

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Target has 20%-off all LEGO products during their toy sale.
Featured items in the Target catalogue are as follows:

3180 Tank Truck – AUD 23.00 (Save $12)
3182 Airport – AUD 98.00 (Save $47)
3222 Helicopter and Limousine – AUD 32.00 (Save $18)

5511 LEGO Duplo XXL Box - AUD 79.00 (Save $20)

Spongebob Squarepants
3833 Krusty Krab Adventures – AUD 31.00 (Save $8) **
3834 Good Neighbours At Bikini Bottom – AUD 55.00 (Save $14) **

Star Wars
7778 Millennium Falcon (Midi-scale) – AUD 47.00 (Save $12)
8083 Rebel Trooper Battle Pack (Hoth) - AUD 15.00 (Save $8)
8084 Snowtrooper Battle Pack (Hoth) - AUD 15.00 (Save $8)
8088 ARC-170 Starfighter – AUD 78.00 (Save $32)
8098 Clone Turbo Tank – AUD 189.00 (Save $51) **

World Racers
8863 Blizzard’s Peak – AUD 79.00 (Save $21)
8864 Desert Truck – AUD 134.00 (Save $36)
8896 Desert Truck – AUD 14.00 (Save $4)
8898 Wreckage Road – AUD 44.00 (Save $11)

** denotes that the item is (apparently) "Only at Target" according to the Target catalogue.

The Target Toy Sale starts Thursday 22 July 2010 and finishes Wednesday 04 Auguest 2010.

By in Australia,

Is it me or do some of you find the TRU sale rather miserable......???

By in Australia,

Apart from the half price indy set, yes rather ho-hum...

By in Australia,

At big w's (in adelaide at least) they have the galactic enforcer for $67, y-wing for $45 and the venator for $129, which are pretty good deals.

By in Australia,

If people don't want to wait for the sale, I was in Target this morning, and they've got all the World Racer stuff already out. But agreed that the TRU sale is a bit lacking.

By in Australia,

@Zordboy - Were the World Racer sets you saw at the prices listed in the catalogue?

By in Australia,

I think so. It looked like they'd *just* put them on the shelves (and I didn't look that closely, 'cause the World Racer doesn't really grab me that much), and they weren't on special yet, but yeah, the sale doesn't start for a couple of weeks. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

By in Australia,

I dont think Toys R us sale is worth bothering ... I was interested in the firestation and Home one. They were selling for $299 and $199 and did not offer laybuy. Online inc shipping I found them cheaper by $40 each, combined they are even cheaper from legoshop.

IMO, dont bother find a smaller Myer store and enjoy the laybuy till christmas and the epic savings. $1400spent there last week. Myer is low on stock of the Emerald Night, Flagship and cargo train however I can confirm saturday 3july there are some still in Brisbane. Kmart also has the Wampa set for $70 as well as new Tantive IV

By in Australia,

As of Saturday Myer @ Bondi Junction in Sydney still had plenty of Emerald Night and maybe half a dozen cargo trains. I could only see 1 Flagship.

Kmart @ Bondi had only 1x 5512 LEGO® XXL Box – AUD 69.00 (Was: 99.99) which I duly took off their hands.

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