Cuusoo: Standbeests: Art/Freaky mutant insects. Also, Mechanized Police units.

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This week we are going back to the artistic LEGO on Cuusoo. Not a very well supported branch of Cuusoo but I am very curious as to what the community thinks about these two Strandbeests which blur the lines between art pieces and dynamic builds.

I don't have much to say on these two builds as the videos speak for themselves. Either you will find them totally enchanting (like I do) or you won't. You might find their movements a bit too creepy to want in your house actually.

This first offering is the Rhinoceros by Kvanb.

This set is not quite as technical looking as the other and is powered by pushing, directly or by winds. And interestingly, this Strandbeest comes with a build of the creator of Strandbeests, Theo Jansen.


This second offering, Motorized Strandbeest is by one of my very favorite LEGO crafters, Brixe. They have altered the design of their Strandbeest by adding an electric motor and remote control.

Yes, you too can terrify your small children and pets with a piece of motorized modern art!

All the little churning feet on this thing always reminds me of the Luggage from Discworld.


Last Pick

Last time we presented an Cuusoo art piece, we showcased the LEGO Mondrian by NonoLeRobot. This piece looks like a Mondrian from a top down perspective but is revealed to be a modern architecture structure when viewed from the sides.


A Week of Cuusoo

This week, my pick of the new Cuusoo offerings was these very clever Mobile police 2075 by Yoroi. I love the tight complexity of these design although I must admit that I am quite partial to mini mecha with action figure-like articulation.

Other offerings this week are a fantastically implemented antique Mercedes (which was almost my pick of the week), mini modular cities and castles, and an Iron Giant. The most popular new project however was the penguin themed Pin Gu. I must have missed this show but it appears to be quite popular and is rather cute.

My review of these projects and a few other notes and a request for some beta testers for my new coding project can be found here.

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Cool projects.

By in United States,

Hi glenbricker, thanks for the review - those are really cool. I did go to your link for the beta testing volunteers and selected "blog" from the drop down menu for the recipient. Please let me know if that's okay.

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By in United States,


I have received a few emails from users. I assume you are one of them. As long as you submitted the form I should have gotten your email. Thanks a lot for signing up. I will send out a confirmation email later tonight.

@ Huw,

Thanks for the feedback on Pingu. I had not heard of it before seeing the project but the internet indicated it was quite popular in Switzerland and the UK but it is always good to get confirmation on such things.


If you like Discworld, I hope you have seen my Discworld project. ;)

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It was incredibly popular in the UK, it may still be but now my girls are 19 and 21 they don't watch it any more :-)

It's a very simple stop-frame animation starring penguins doing silly things. It has no speech at all, just 'penguin noises' and young kids love it. There's loads of them on YouTube.

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Pingu is also huge in Japan, I believe.

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Absolutely love the strandbeests was lucky to see them at Exmouth beach a few years ago when an exhibition was shown, these are great mini replicas!

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