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This is the first of what might become a regular feature looking at lesser known LEGO blogs with the aim of increasing their exposure and traffic.

Brickset member and LotR fan apfly has been running his blog BrickEnd for a couple of years with help from fellow fan Mark. Over that time they've been reporting LEGO news and offering their views on it, and highlighting interesting MOCs.

It looks to be well maintained and worth a visit or, better still, worth adding the feed to your newsreader so you can keep up-to-date with the latest posts more easily.

If you'd like your blog featured in a news article, get in touch. I won't promise to post them all, and will at most post one a week.

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By in United Kingdom,

I clicked on about the authors, and onto the MOCpages.

This is what I read - top of the page.

The dark age has begun. Pretty much the only way to put it. I don't build anymore. But check out my blog below. It's one of the few LEGO related things I still do. I still love LEGO, and always will, but I've entered a new stage in my life. And LEGO isn't the main focus anymore. Please don't hate me! :P

I don't think I'll bother reading a blog about lego from someone that has confessed to not building lego.

By in Canada,

I believe he's hoping that renewed interest in his blog will rekindle his interest in the brick, so don't be too harsh!

By in United Kingdom,

Agreed. There are plenty of good football writers who don't play anymore! Will check this blog out - great idea for a feature btw.

By in United Kingdom,

My view is that if you don't build, then you don't understand new parts, and you don't understand if a build is clever or innovative. It just becomes a collection of pictures of other people's work or comments on sets that you will never build and so have little interest in. Which is not for me.

Football writers who are still interested in football and go and watch matches are worth reading. Football writers who do not go and watch matches, yet still write about them, are not worth reading.

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