40% off all LEGO sets next week, at 'Bilka' stores in Denmark

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LEGO City Truck

Danish Brickset member 'eyeexist' has emailed to let us know that Danish 'Bilka' stores are having a one-week sale on Lego sets next week - 40% off all Lego, including Mindstorms.

Seems like a great deal, but 'eyeexist' does mention that prices in Denmark are a little higher than many other places to begin with, so we shouldn't feel too jealous !

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By in Canada,

Lego is higher in Denmark? Wow. And I thought Canada had the highest Lego prices.

By in United Kingdom,

Denmark has, IIRC, a 25% sales tax.

By in Denmark,

An quick compare from LEGO.com on LEGO® City Truck Item #: 3221

DKK = 249.95
USD $= 34.99 ~ 197,88 DKK
CAD = 44.99 ~ 248,94 DKK

It´s seems like it´s about the same! :(

By in United States,

Bluemoose has the lowdown on the price difference. US prices do not reflect tax, whereas the ones in Europe include VAT (or whatever it is called). Canada prices are on the high side. Buying Lego in Europe and then bringing it to the US should enable one to request for a refund of the tax ;-)

DKK = 249.95 (includes 25% tax) ==same as== USD = $34.99 (or ~200DKK)

If you include sales tax a number of states in the US levy, then $34.99 goes up a bit more.

By in United States,

I've been to denmark, did a conversion to usd, and found put that all the lego is literally twice as expensive there.

By in Denmark,

Thanks to Decontrol. I almost stopped feeling sorry for myself. Did a price check on some of the newer sets as the USD has increased in value over the past six months. I checked LEGO® Hero Factory® and found:
USD: 8, 13, 20, 30, 50
CAD(USD): 11(10.5), 18(17.5), 27(26), 40(39) 70(68)
DKK(USD): 70(12.5), 100(18), 170(30), 250(44.5), 430(76.5)

Which does not look too bad but for some reason this difference is much more for the Star Wars sets... Example


Denmark approx 116 USD
Canada appox 77 USD

Who said "¿Qué?" ?

By in Denmark,

I'm from Copenhagen, Denmark - and yes, almost every lego set - or atleast the cool lego sets from Star Wars - are much more expensive in Denmark, the country that created these beloved plastic parts. The difference in price varies from 50 % to over 100 % - depends on the value. A quick comparison of a newly released Star Wars Set: Lego Star Wars Slave 1 with a new version of Boba Fett, never seen Bossk and so on.....

Today you can get 5,65 DKK for 1 US$; now let's compare ...

Toys R Us USA: 80 US $
Toys R Us Denmark: 800 DKK... so that's 800 : 5,65 = 120 $

My conclusion: you lucky people :P

By in Denmark,

Don't forget the 40% off next week: 800DKK x 60% = 480DKK approx 72USD... We lucky people...
Still manufactured down the road!

By in Norway,

Death Star

Norway: 3999 NOK
Denmark: 3299 DKK= 3587 NOK
United Kingdom: 274.99 GBP= 2690 NOK
USA: 399 USD= 2469 NOK
Canada: 499 CAD= 3017 NOK

Echo Base

Norway: 299.50 NOK
Denmark: 249.95 DKK= 270.74 NOK
United Kingdom: 24.99 GBP= 235.66 NOK
USA: 24.99 USD= 148.56 NOK(HALF-PRICE!)
Canada: 29.99 CAD= 181.39 NOK

The only advance we Norwegians have when it comes to LEGO seems to be that we get the Collectable Minifigures before the rest of the world(except Denmark and Sweden). So the next time you're bitc... hrm, complaining about LEGO prices, go to lego.com, change country to Norway and compare the prizes!

By in Australia,

Lego in Australia can be quite high too.

By in United States,

Motorized Excavator
US - $200 (add sales tax based on state)
Germany - 160 Euro = $212 (19% VAT) == $171 (without VAT)
Denmark - DKK 1500 = $267 (25% VAT) == $200 (without VAT)

I think the 40% discount can work out to your (I am thinking of the Danish folks) advantage! Or you can go to Germany and buy one and get the VAT refunded. Not sure about shipping from Denmark, but the price makes me want to get a Motorized Excavator from out there....

It would be interesting to find out how TLC decided to price each product in different countries. There must be a "cost engineer" involved somewhere.

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