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You will remember that a couple of weeks ago we posted an article about the KickStarter project Mechabrick which aims to create kits to convert your Minifigs into 1/144 scale mecha to use them in a board game.

Just 11 days after the project was launched, it achieved its target funding and since then it's reached some of its 'stretch goals' as well. It's now in the last couple of days of fundraising, so if you've been meaning to pledge but haven't yet done so, now would be a good time -- they WILL be made and you WILL get your kits now that the target has been passed.

As an added incentive, the Mechabrick team has hooked up with the SKULLS! Custom Accessories for your Miniature Brick Figures team: if you pledge support for both you'll receive a number of extra goodies to enable you to make 'skull-mechs'.

If minifig customisation is your thing, be sure not to miss out!

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The "Skulls" project, like the Mechabrick project, seems like a project that's OK in concept and poor in execution. Yes, it's a bit weird that minifigure skulls are the same size as their heads, but it's even weirder to have skulls that are not at all stylized on top of a simplified, geometric body of any kind. An ideal custom LEGO skull would still be somewhat simplified, like any minifigure body part.

By in United States,

^ I agree. I prefer the regular skeleton head, it fits in much better with other minifig parts. It just looks weird to have so much sculpted detail in one part of a minifig.

And for the UK a pack of 7 costs $28, so I'm out!

It is good lego related projects are getting funded, but it seems the ones that do are really just group buying projects (with rewards for purchase similar to what they would cost outside of crowd funding) rather than fund-a-concept project.

By in United Kingdom,

I'm backing both.
The Lego skulls are a little too 'cute' for my tastes.
With Mechabrick I think Ben has sucessfully merged an accessible wargame with the infinite possibility of Lego.

By in United States,

Part of what I like about Lego is its simplicity, which I imagine is a draw for all fans to some degree. To make these very detailed skulls is kind of neat, but for me its really more like a curiosity that I would pick one or two up at a toy show or Lego convention.

I'm not a total "purist" when it comes to custom bricks, but these definitely feel like a departure from the "spirit" of Lego (which Lego itself has even done sometimes, bizarrely enough). Miniature detailed figures/models already exist, so I can always get those if I wanted to. Why make Lego un-Lego-like?

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