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You've read the reviews, now you have the chance to actually see the Parisian Restaurant being built, by members of Lowlug in the Netherlands. Brickset members workfromtheheart and TAFOL are involved and sent me this:

"On Sunday 17th November, there will be a live video stream of members of Lowlug building the 10243 Parisian Restaurant on our meeting in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

"Lowlug is a Netherlands-based web community that aims at uniting Dutch speaking adult (and teenage) LEGO fans. Starting in 2003, this web community also aims to encourage people to build and show their MOC's, sharing ideas and discussing topics about LEGO. Multiple times a year, members of Lowlug also organise meetings where we all come together and meet in real life instead of only chatting with each other on a computer.

"A team of 4 people will be building the restaurant, starting at around 10:00/10:30 a.m. GMT. This will be recorded via webcam and will be streamed live on our website for everyone to see at"

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By in United Kingdom,

Great idea! I'll be watching.

By in Germany,

Thanks for blogging. I'm one of the builders and very exicited! :D

By in United States,

I'd love to see it in super-speed!

By in Netherlands,

Maybe we can ad a video like that later on, would be fun :D

By in Netherlands,

Highspeed en Superspeed video's of the build are uploading as we speak :)

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