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Version 1.2 of this iOS app has just been released:

"The MyFigs Minifig Collector is for LEGO fans and minifig collectors of all ages. It is fun and easy to use, and it is all about your own personal minifig collection.

"Some LEGO minifigs are rare and highly collectable, others just have great design. I know that collectors value their precious minifigs and often store them in bags or boxes, safely away from sunlight and dust. Now you can add all your new minifigs to the MyFigs Minifig Collector and always have them just a few taps away.

"The whole idea behind the MyFigs Minifig Collector is for you to create a minifig page with a photo of your minifig, along with information like name, item number, value etc. So if you are a collector of custom minifigs or any other theme, this app is perfect for sorting your minifigs by name, theme or value.

"Last but not least, the MyFigs Minifig Collector will also keep track of the total number and the total value of all of your minifigs."

Developer Runar has created a promo video that showcases the app and has also given me 10 promo codes to enable the app to be downloaded for free. As I no longer have an iOS device (I ditched my iPad in favour of a Nexus tablet), I'm giving them all away to you. (Update: all codes have now gone!)

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Email sent

By in United Kingdom,

2 codes left...

By in United Kingdom,

Now all gone.

By in United Kingdom,

Where do i enter the code?

By in United States,

Thank you for the code, got it, downloaded it and tested it.

This app is really for those who have a collection of custom minifigs. Of course, you can take a picture of all of your minifigs, but all the information have to be entered manually.

There are a few things to improve :
- the interface is not intuitive. There is an info page explaining the icons, you know, the kind of page nobody reads :)
- that info page inform about brickset as a place to find informations, but it should have been better to use the webservices (unless there is a reason not to that I am unaware of)
- there is no option to share, save, backup or import. This limits the usage of the app.

If I have to rate it today, I would give it a ** on the App Store. Adding an lookup on Brickset would add one *. With a correct share option and a better design, it could reach ****.

By in Norway,

Great to see the codes fly of and I hope the lucky redeemers will enjoy the app. I also appreciate the feedback and will consider these improvements in future updates, thanks!

And again, thanks to Brickset helping me reach out to lego fans with my little app:)

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