Hubble reaches 1000 on namesake's birthday.

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Just a quick posting in celebration of a great man, Edwin Hubble, and a great build, GRusso's HUBBLE SPACE TELESCOPE.

Hopefully it will get to 10,000 before his next birthday.

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That's a nailed on winner isn't it, what with the other space-race based Cuusoo winners? Looks a great set too, I just hope it doesn't suffer too much from the don't-support-LLD-builds people. (Apologies if it's not a virtual build, the pics looked that way to me - well rendered though, so maybe not rendered and real I suppose!)
Shame it was only the 1,000 mark too, imagine if a real world based set did hit the review target on a significant anniversary like that! Would it have a chance of making the news perhaps?

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Great build. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Got my vote!

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