Power Functions price hike at LEGO Shop At Home (UK)

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When the prices for the Power Functions were announced in the latest S@H catalogue, I was surprised how cheap they were. It would appear that LEGO were too once they'd re-done their calculations because the prices have increased considerably already. For example, the XL motor is listed at £3.99 but now costs £7.99.

However, if you're quick you can still order them at the old prices: Simply click-through from here, add them to your cart, then use catalogue code EJ99 or EJ80 when you check-out. You should find that the prices are reduced to the old level.

This will only work until the end of March when another catalogue is released.

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By in United Kingdom,

Well well. I thought they seemed rather cheap - with hindsight this comes as no surprise to be honest...

By in United Kingdom,

You know what they say about "if things seem too good too be true....." Perhaps they got mixed up with pounds and dollars!

By in Turkey,

It's not only in the UK, all the Europeen countries suffered from this sudden inflation:

-IR Receiver from 10.99 to 16.49
-IR Remote from 6.99 to 10.49
-XL Motor from 6.99 to 11.49
-M Motor from 5.99 to 8.49
-Battery Box from 4.99 to 7.49
-Extension Wire from 2.99 to 3.49
(all in Euro)

By in Australia,

Australia too. AUD prices are more than double what they were last week.

By ,

Luckely, I bought a load just before the price hike :), but i wouldn't want to buy them at the new prices :(

By in United Kingdom,

I suppose a few of these items will start creeping on to the second hand market at bricklink. If the forthcoming excavator is motor compatible, i will wait for then... could be a long wait.

By in Canada,

On another note, is what we see in the motorized truck, a batery box, a motor, lights, and A POLARITY SWITCH?? I Wonder if we will see these elements sold as single items too =)

By in United States,

I want light up bricks. the Star Destroyer should have lights all over it. Use more of the fiber optic stuff like they had on the first EXO force. Technic cars with working lights. These just inflate the price of the sets as they are. They should be add ons

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