It's Brick Friday!

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Christmas Tree Truck

First off, I hope everyone who celebrates it had a great Thanksgiving yesterday. The site, and my inbox, was unusually quiet...

Now it's over, it's time to go shopping! LEGO has lined up some great offers for the weekend so if you didn't bag your exclusive free 40083 Christmas Tree truck last weekend during the VIP event, now's the time to do so.

To start shopping, please click on the banner at the top of the home page so that sales are attributed to Brickset as everything you buy through our links, keeps the site online and free for all.

The offers are as follows:

In the UK:

  • 10% off all orders of £100 or more.
  • Free Limited Edition Christmas set with orders of £50 or more.
  • Free Delivery on all orders of £25 or more.

In addition, there are discounts on the following sets:

  • 10226, Sopwith Camel, 20% off.
  • 10240, Red Five X-Wing Starfighter, 10% off.
  • 75023, SW Advent Calendar,20% off.
  • 75007, Republic Assault Ship, 20% off.
  • 75008, TIE Bomber, 20% off.
  • 79001, Escape From Mirkwood Spiders, 20% off.
  • 3866, The Battle of Hoth 40% off.
  • 79010, The Goblin King Battle, 20% off.

In the USA and Canada:

  • Free Limited Edition Holiday Set with purchase of $99 or more.
  • Free $10 Gift Card with purchase of $149 or more .
  • Free Shipping on all orders.
  • Receive a Free THE LEGO® MOVIE™ poster sticker to customize your Palace Cinema.
  • Free Exclusive Clone Trooper™ Lieutenant with LEGO® Star Wars™ purchases of $50 or more!

In addition, a whole host of sets have been reduced by up to 50%. Check out the Sales and Deals page to see what's still available.

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By in United Kingdom,

If you go to a Lego store and spend £25 you get a free Christmas Pick A Brick box.

By in Italy,

Meanwhile in Italy: 10~20% off a total of 27 sets, some of which are already sold out.

By in United States,

There was nothing of importance reduced here in the states.

By in United Kingdom,

@Huw, there seems to be some database stuff at the start of the article.

By in United Kingdom,

40% off Creationary looks a good deal too, especially as I just bought it for more than that!

And I just bought the Sopwith Camel before this sale too :o(

By in United States,

Disappointing sale here in the USA, free shipping was already available for over $75, and the free set has already been available on different days. $10 gift card on $150 is not enticing.

By in Canada,

Pretty quiet and calm at the LEGO store in Edmonton, though the queue at opening was nearly 20... =)

Picked up the Rancor Pit. Been saving VIP points for it. An ornament, the tree polybag, friends hedgehog... enough to get the truck and brick box. My scratch card revealed... a free key chain! Yay! Didn't expect the shopping spree but hey.

A lady right in front of me bought $200+ of Friends sets, and didn't want to get a VIP, so I asked if I could use my card for it. Bumped me up to $50 worth of points. Awesome. Also did a separate bag of stuff to do for christmas toy hampers. A 2-pack Chima speedorz bit, friends karate class, and the duplo fairy tale storie. 50% off, great deal.

Bought one of the lego storage units, too, for half off. not sure if I'm going to keep it, but the price was good. Then I ran to TRU - Attack of the Wargs for half-off (thirty canadian). I hate that scene in the film SO MUCH but thirty bucks for the figure and Wargs and forest pieces is a solid deal.

The new Hobbit sets were out at my local TRU. All the Elf Army set boxes were beat to crap so I tried to get a damaged box discount. No dice so I'll get them later. Bought enough today!

Sorry to everybody having trouble ordering online. Hope the lego site sorts out soon for y'all!

By in Hong Kong,

Was at Bellevue, WA lego store. According to the sales rep, they had "a couple hundred" scratch and save and was cleaned out in "15-20" mins

Nothing significant on sale. The real score was they had 3x 41999 on the shelf, the guy told me it's the same production run from the original limited distribution. They just held a few back for black friday and his store got 8.

I bought 1.

By in United States,

I went to all three Lego stores in the SF bay area to try to win a free shopping spree. I ended up winning a $16.99 credit and am happy with that. All three stores were packed to the gills like I have never seen before. None of the sales items were enticing to me, but obviously they were to some people! I saw many full price items being sold as well, which was shocking since other stores are having great deals today. I snagged Heartlake High and the Creator Plane for 30% off at Walmart, for example. The stores were not prepared for the rush as the checkers were slow and the lines kept growing actually wrapping around the store at one location.

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