40083 Christmas Tree Truck

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This weekend's free set at shop.LEGO.com is this Christmas Tree Truck 40083 which complements perfectly the Christmas Tree Stand that was free in October.

The truck driver is an old boy with grey hair and wearing sand blue dungarees. It's a nice torso that has appeared in only two other sets, including 7052 UFO Abduction.

40083 Christmas Tree TruckThe truck itself is the same style as other vehicles in the winter village series, such as the post office van in 10222 and the snowplough (yes, the spelling is correct) in 10229.

Like the others, it too has a retro '1950s America' feel to it. To me, the cab, at 4-studs wide, looks too narrow. Short of some complex half-stud building techniques and a custom 5-wide windscreen, there isn't really a solution, though.

The price of this set cannot be bettered so grab it for free while you can!

Thanks to LEGO for providing the set for review.

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By in United States,

I hope, but doubt, this'll pop up somewhere besides having to buy from LEGO.com...

By in United Kingdom,

Looks like a nice set,though won't be getting it.I think it would look nice in the Winter Village,Speaking of which
I just set up my Winter Village Today ;)

By in Netherlands,

Got it with the order i did today :)
Waiting for the postman....

By in United States,

Made it using my own parts, except I dont have any dark red arches :)

By in Canada,

It's a neat little set, and as you said, goes great with the Christmas Tree Stand. It was delivered together with the Christmas Market I ordered last weekend during the Lego VIP pre-Brick Friday event.

I honestly wasn't all that keen on it when I first saw it, but after putting it together last night I have changed my mind, and I think it is a great addition to any Winter/Christmas village.

The old guy goes very well with the set and I really like how the dolly for moving the tree around has a special way of attaching to the truck (which is great because otherwise I hate these dollys).

All in all it was much better than I was expecting.

By in United States,

This is a very cool little set. I also love the fact that TLG has been putting more of the preformed trees in with sets.

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