New instructions added to LEGO Customer Services

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PDFs of 65 new instruction manuals have been added to the LEGO Customer Services Building Instructions site today.

See what's new on our new instructions page.

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By in Denmark,

You know what I hate about new LEGO sets the most? Instruction booklets galore!
The old camper van only had one booklet, but the new one has two. Not only is it annoying to find all of them, when rebuilding a set, they also take up a lot of space on my shelf! Lists of pieces for each step is normal now, so why not merge every second step together?

By in United States,

^Funny that you say that on a page that mentions new instruction PDFs that are available from LEGO. Have you thought about downloading the instruction manuals for the sets you have and then stashing away your paper manuals in storage somewhere?

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