"Hay Carts to the High Frontier" - a history of transportation, in LEGO

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This weekend (Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th October), members of the UK AFOL group, the Brickish Association, are running a two-day event in conjunction with the UK National Space Centre in Leicester, with a theme of the history of transportation. The event is is known as "Hay Carts to the High Frontier", and covers transportation from prehistoric times to the distant future. It's a smaller event than the recent Great Western Lego Show, but there will be new models to see.

Full details can be found here - Hay Carts to the High Frontier at the National Space Centre.

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Good luck with the event bluemoose, I'm sorry I can't make it.

The NSC website is a bit shocking, isn't it!

By in United States,

Cool! Maybe there will be telepotation devices so i can go to all the cool UK lego show's, and vice-versa! :P

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Nice exhibition ! I visited today (Saturday) and spent a couple of hours looking at the models and chatting to some of the builders as well as checking out some of the excellent exhibits at the space museum itself.

I'll post further thoughts and a few pics on my blog (www.gimmelego.blogspot.com) when I have time (probably Monday) if you want to know more.

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