LEGO 2010 Exclusives

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AT-AT Walker

For your ease of use, here is a list of all the store exclusives in the USA this year. Remember, these sets all usually have a very limited production run (there have been some exceptions) and it is best to grab the ones you want before the holiday shopping rush:


  • City 3222: Helicopter and Limousine
  • Games 3847: Magma Monster
  • Toy Story 7591: Construct-A-Zurg
  • Star Wars 8092: Luke’s Landspeeder
  • Star Wars 8099: Midi-Scale Imperial Star Destroyer


  • City 7213: Off-Road Fire Truck and Fire Boat
  • Toy Story 7598: Pizza Planet Truck Rescue
  • Atlantis 8080: Undersea Explorer
  • Star Wars 8128: Cad Bane’s Speeder
  • City 8403: City House


  • Games 3845 Wild Wool
  • DUPLO Toy Story 5691: Alien Space Crane
  • HERO Factory 7179: Duncan Bulk and Vapour
  • Toy Story 7599: Garbage Truck Getaway
  • City 7684: Pig Farm and Tractor
  • City 7936: Level Crossing
  • City 7937: Train Station
  • City 7938: Passenger Train
  • City 7939: Cargo Train
  • City 7848: Toys”R”Us City truck
  • Atlantis 8079: Shadow Snapper
  • Star Wars 8091: Republic Swamp Speeder
  • Star Wars 8129: AT-AT Walker
  • City 8404: Public Transport Station

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By in United States,

I won't give TRU the business until after the holidays, their price points are predatory. The TRU truck is the only set you should go after with them since TLC does not carry. Target is a toss up on how long they keep inventory. The Cad Bane speeder will be hard to get but the City House and Fire Truck will be good deals after the holidays me thinks. In my experience with Walmart, you have to get the Star Wars stuff, Walmart does not usually deep discount like Target seasonally so I would get those first, those will not last thru December. Thanks for the list!

By in United States,

Thanks for the list Shima. Very handy.

Just for anyone in the New York area. Target in Elmhurst Queens has really jacked up their Lego prices.
Just about every $49.99 range set is going for $57.99. Hogwarts Castle is $157.99...outrageous and Hogswart Train is $97.99. Just unbelievable mark ups! With a LEGO Store only 3 blocks away I thought they'd be competative.
Maybe it's a mark up to knock them down for the holidays?
Almost every set is marked up with the occassional exceptions.
Target's website has them all at their normal retail prices, but steer clear of the Elmurst Target. I'm usually shopping their every week or so, so if I see any mark 'downs' I'll let New York shoppers know.

By in United Kingdom,

In the UK, the city house is a smyths toy super store exclusive, helicopter and limousine is a tescos exclusive and the toys"R"us city truck is a toys"R"us exclusive.

By in United Kingdom,

What i found rather odd though was the midi scale Falcon, Tesco advertised it as a Tesco exclusive, even though every other Lego-carrying store had it too. :o/

By in Ireland,

Smyths are selling the City House in dublin, if any of you Irish fans are interested.

By in United States,

@legomatt....I know what you mean. Even here in the New York you'll see toys that are exclusive at one store, on the shelf in another. It's not a hard, fast rule on some items.

By in United States,

I almost never buy Lego from any of those stores unless they have a good discount. The Lego VIP program and monthly promotions are enough for me to drive to the nearest Lego store.

I would like to mention that if you have a Costco nearby you might be able to pick up the ARC-170 or Palpatine's shuttle for 20% off (in the Christmas section).

By in United States,

Momentaneously- is the 20% off the already discounted price?

By in United States,

@AZFIREWOLF: I think he meant 20% off the RRP price, as costco's price is discounted from the normal price, but I don't think it's going to get marked down any more than it is. I remember last year costco had The Battle of Endor for 79.99, I was happy to see them stocking SW again this year!

By in United States,

helicopter and limousine is sold in TRU

By in Canada,

The consumer-hostile, anti-freemarket concept of "exclusives" has really got to stop. This is getting out of hand.

By in United States,

Circular arrived today in the mail. * City 8404: Public Transport Station will be on sale starting Sunday for $79.99 at TRU-a savings of $20. Same circular also has a coupon for a $10 gift card with a $75 purchase.

By in United States,

My TRU circular had a 15% off any one toy card.

By in United States, has some decent deals...

-2 for one bundles on various small sets
-Some sets $5.00 off (Battle of Endor, Slave I, etc).
-Clone Turbo Tank $99.54 (regularly $119.99)
-Hoth Wampa $32.50 (regularly $39.99)
-Midi Scale Star Destroyer $32.00 ($39.99)
-Motorized AT-AT $116.99 ($129.99)
-Star Wars DK Book $17.53 ($29.99) other DK books at decent deals.
-Space Police Hyperspeed Pursuit $40.32 (49.99)
-Space Police Lunar Limo $32.00 ($39.99)
-The LEGO Book $24.00 ($39.99)

A few more here and there. Worth a look I think.

By in United States,

Lego Store Queens Center Mall has the former 'exclusive' Brick Apple that was only available at the Rockefeller Store NYC as of last Sunday. No longer a Rockefeller Exclusive. Maybe they'll get the I 'brick' NY duplo's and shirts too.

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