Myer extends staff discount to MyerONE card holders

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Hogwarts Castle

Word on the newswire indicates that Myer will be extending their staff discount of 15% to all MyerONE card holders from 18 November 2010 until 20 November 2010.

The discount also applies to LEGO already on sale in their current catalogue, which means there will be some significant savings on various sets, including set 4842 Hogwart's Castle.

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Apparently for the next couple of days they are having a "Friends and Family" promotion, where the 15% discount extends to everybody, not just shoppers with their MyerONE card. I picked up the 8214, already discounted to AUD$69.99, for a bargain at $58. And I didn't have my MyerONE card. Well worth the buy!

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Never heard of this "MyerONE" card, but Myer's prices on LEGO are so ridiculously outlandish that 15% doesn't really make a difference. I've found that if you're not sure how much a LEGO set is, it's best to check at Big W first as they're consistently cheaper than Target, Kmart and Myer.

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Target and TRU typically charge more than RRP, my local Myer shops typically stick to RRP quite nicely and BigW typically is a bit cheaper than that. However with these kind of deals it is quite easy to get more than 30% discount at Myer, so it's well worth checking them out. They are also among the few shops that actually stock the very large sets.

Point in case for 4842 Hogwarts:
ToysRUs $134.87 (down from $179.87)
versus Myer $118.15 (down from $179)

By in Australia,

Big W has some Toy Story 3 sets on sale until 24 November:
7789 Lotso's Dump Truck - $27.62 (Save $10)
7598 Pizza Planet Truck Rescue - $58.62 (Save $15)
7596 Trash Compactor Escape - $74.74 (Save $13)
I'll take advantage of the opportunity and finally give in to purchasing 7598 during this sale.

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