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These reviews have been contributed by Brickset users recently:

ImageSet detailsReview summaryAuthor
ISBN0241279585 The LEGO BATMAN MOVIE: The Making of the MovieIncredible Insight! Highly Recommendedthisisteekay
75175 A-wing StarfighterSmall addtion to the Rebel baseKris_PL
70910 Scarecrow Special DeliverySpecial Delivery!Sethro3
30607 Disco Batman - Tears of Batman Roller disco your sadness awaySethro3
70904 Clayface Splat AttackA medium Nougat parts pack or fun play set. A clayface conundrum awaits.Sethro3
31064 Island AdventuresA good solid Flying Boat...SqdnCmndrAceFlshrt
75141 Kanan's Speeder BikeThe Joben T-85 Speeder, only larger!Japanbuilder
76076 Captain America Jet PursuitSimple plane, saved by the unique parts. rbarnacle

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Review: 41232 Super Hero High School

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41232 Super Hero High School is the second large educational building (after 41005 Heartlake High in 2013) to be featured in a minidoll theme in recent years but this one has the added twist that it is no ordinary high school, but one for amazingly talented, super-powered students.

So how does this set match up to its attendees: equally super, could do better, or heading for a failing grade?

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Cloudflare bug data leak exposed

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A security flaw has been uncovered in the Cloudflare content delivery network that we use. It has now been resolved.

The nature of the issue makes it extremely unlikely that your Brickset password has been compromised but you may wish to change it as a precaution. You can find out more about about it on the BBC website and the Cloudflare blog, and change your password here.

To pre-empt any comments about SSL: I am planning to implement it shortly.

Update: Cloudflare emailed overnight to state "Your domain is not one of the domains where we have discovered exposed data in any third party caches."

Smyths Toys slashes prices on a range of sets

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 The Scuttler

Top UK toy retailer Smyths Toys has discounted dozens of sets, including 20% or more off many of The LEGO Batman Movie sets such as the Batmobile, Scuttler and Clayface, and 30% off 42056 Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

You can view everything that's reduced on the Smyths Toys website.

It's a quiet week...

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After a hectic New York toy fair weekend it's a quiet week in LEGO-land. There's not a lot of news to report, I'm afraid, but here are a few items to keep you informed:

  • Merlin is constructing yet another LEGOLAND Discovery Centre in Europe, this time in Nyíregyháza, Hungary. It's due to open in 2020. More information.
    Thanks to Yellow for the news.
  • LEGO has published images of 71042 Silent Mary in preparation for it becoming available at mid-March (you can check the price here: USA | Canada | UK | Germany | France). You'll find two pictures of the ship and eight of the minifigures on the set details page. I think LEGO is being clever only showing photos of the ship taken at an acute angle; I suspect when viewed side-on the hull is full of wide unsightly gaps.
  • The Disco Batman/Tears of Batman polybag is now out of stock in Europe so you'll no longer receive one with your order. To compensate a new offer is in place until 12th March: free 30446 The Batmobile when you spend over £25 on 'retiring soon' items (UK | Germany | France).

I hope you don't mind, I'm having a bit of a break from writing reviews this week: I've had some family matters to attend to recently and in what spare time I have had I've been frantically building in preparation for my first event of the year, Rock That Block in Belgium at the start of April. Will I see you there?

Don't forget, when it is a quiet news day you can always amuse yourself here by reading the latest user-contributed reviews, or the always-lively forum.

If you have LEGO news to report, please get in touch via the contact form. Thanks!

Review: 41589 Captain America

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41589 Captain America contains just 79 pieces, the fewest of any BrickHeadz set released so far. Nevertheless, the model is highly detailed and matches the character as he appears in recent Marvel Cinematic Universe films, with a dark blue uniform featuring some red and white stripes as well as a silver star and brown straps on his chest. It therefore looks quite different to the exclusive version from San Diego Comic-Con which featured much simpler printing but included decorative wings on either side of the head, a feature absent from this figure.

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