Bionicle 2015 confirmed by LEGO Shop

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Today, various LEGO fan communities lit up with a discovery on the LEGO Shop website more or less confirming Bionicle will be returning. According to Brickipedia News and a post on BZPower, if you type "Bionicle" in the LEGO Shop website's search bar, it takes you to a Coming Soon page. Searching other old themes like Atlantis doesn't go to this other page though, so it must be intentionally sent to a Coming Soon page.

What are your thoughts on Bionicle's return? Leave them in the comments below!

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Review: 8640 Polar Helicopter

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I've been having a bit of a dilemma lately. I'm rapidly running out of space to store and display my LEGO collection. I'm sure I'm not the only one, in fact I suspect those that aren't, are in the minority here.

One reason for this is that I've been collecting Technic since I emerged from my dark ages in 1994 and now own nearly every set made from 1993 to about 2010, and a good few from before and after. Because I like to display them from time to time, plus the fact it takes ages to build them in the first place, I store them assembled, in zip-lock bags or bubble-wrapped, in plastic crates. I suspect you can probably visualise the volume they take up. There's more cool models on the way but no more room in the house, so something's got to give...

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Wall-E gets face lift, heads off to 10k

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Wall-E has been a fan favorite on Ideas almost from the beginning. The little robot from Pixar just goes so darn well with LEGO.

Wall-E campaigns have taken several setbacks in the past but with MacLane (Pixar veteran AND creator of the Cubedude) we finally have a Wall-E rocketing to the 10k mark.

If you have not stopped by MacLane's Wall-E campaign in a while, make sure to do so. The updates to the robot's eyes really bring out the emotion in the little guy's face and demonstrates how each brick matters.

Update: It has reached 10,000 votes!

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LEGO and Volvo partner to create 6 cylinder wheel loader

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Volvo L350F Wheel Loader

I know this isn't new news but I've just received this press release and hi-res photos of the latest flagship Technic model which is now available in Argos and will hit other UK retailers on Friday.

For the first time in history, toy giant LEGO and Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) have joined forces to create a motorised LEGO Technic L350F Volvo Wheel Loader.

Hitting shelves on 1st August 2014, the yellow remote controlled marvel in Volvo livery, not only drives, steers, lifts but also loads just like its real life high-tech 55 tonne equivalent. Fuelling your imagination further, the LEGO Technic Wheel Loader also converts into an equally impressive articulated A25F Volvo Hauler.

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Mixels series 4 images

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BrickFanatics has uncovered some nice images of the series four Mixels which will be launched early in 2015.

According to Adam over there, the images show one of each of the three tribes: "Burnard from a red fiery tribe, Globert from a dark bat-like tribe and finally Nurp-Naut from a new Spacey-themed tribe."

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BrickFair Virginia 2014 this week

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BrickFair Virginia, one of the largest AFOL conventions in the United States, is coming up fast (so fast I completely forgot that I should post about this at least a week ahead of time)! To those unfamiliar with the event, BrickFair is a fun convention where LEGO fans showcase their creations, attend seminars, and can purchase cool items from various vendors, all in one place. BrickFair Virginia is the largest BrickFair and the only five-day LEGO fan convention in the States (and in the world if I'm correct). The event is only open to the public for two of those days however, but the other 3 days are full of fun activities for those who have registered ahead of time.

For those who don't already have it in their plans, BrickFair Virginia takes place this Wednesday through Sunday in Chantilly, Virginia. Like I said, the first 3 days are only open to registered attendees, but anyone can come out on Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 4pm for a general admission fee of $12. BrickFair is held at 4320 Chantilly Center, Chantilly, VA 20153.

As a bonus to those traveling from out-of-area, the nearest LEGO Brand retail store to the convention is only 16 miles and 22 minutes (give or take depending on traffic) away at Tyson's Corner.

If you want to make plans to attend any of the activities at BrickFair, the schedule of events is available online.

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