Star Wars: The Force Awakens - First image of set 75104

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The Star Wars Underworld has published a photograph of one of the sets due out for the release of the new Star Wars film, later this year. The image is the first from the wave and is of set 75104. While we don't have an official name yet, the set is apparently the personal starship of Kylo Ren, who appears on the box art. This ties in with the previous information we published which stated set 75104 would be the 'Lead Villain Vehicle', priced at £99.99 GBP. The image doesn't look like like the complete set to me, so I would hazard a guess that it's one of multiple instruction books for the set?

Let us know your thoughts.

Thanks to all who sent us the link.

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Review: 70739 Airjitzu Kai

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One of the more interesting innovations we witnessed at the London Toy Fair in January was the Ninjago Airjitzu flyers which are essentially 'playground toys' that replace the Ninjago spinners and Chima Speedorz. I get the impression that the latter were not good sellers: the first ones were virtually impossible to operate properly and although last year's redesigned ones were easier to use I think the damage to their reputation was already done because the shops are now awash with them at bargain prices.

They've just landed in the shops so I headed down to my local Smyths this morning and forked out £7.99 for the red one.

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Beyond The Brick Brickworld Chicago 2015 DVD on KickStarter

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The Beyond The Brick team is raising money on KickStarter to produce a video at Brickworld Chicago 2015.

Everyone who pledges $20 or more will receive a copy of the DVD, footage on which won't be available anywhere else. There are also some very cool incentives available for those who pledge more.

Find out more at the KickStarter project page.

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BrickLoot now shipping to UK and Canada

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Last November we reported on BrickLoot, a subscription service that ships a box of LEGO-related goodies to you every month.

It seems it's still going strong and I've just been informed that they are now able to ship to the UK and Canada in addition to the USA. Shipping costs seem to be reasonable, too: $15 to the UK, compared to $6 within the USA.

Erin at BrickLoot tells me "Our June box is themed after Jurassic World and is going to be great!"

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Catbrick event in Barcelona, 30-31 May

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HispaLUG will be holding the fourth Catbrick event in Barcelona, Spain next weekend. More than 25 exhibitors will be displaying dioramas covering all usual themes: City, Star Wars, Technic, Friends and even DUPLO, plus some special dioramas built especially for this event including Harry Potter and Western.

The event takes place at Complex Esportiu Ricart Sant Adria de Besos in Barcelona. Admission is free and there will be activities throughout the weekend for visitors including a special construction area for the young and not-so-young to build, with prizes for the most creative. Whacky race, find the minifig and building workshops will be held during the event for the visitors and exhibitors.

Full details, in Spanish, for the event can be found at the HispaLUG website The organisers can be contacted, in English and Spanish, by email.

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Review: 31039 Blue Power Jet

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While Creator Expert sets have rightly been taking most of the plaudits in recent years, the standard Creator line also produces some gems on occasion. 31039 Blue Power Jet is undoubtedly one of these. The set stood out at the London Toy Fair where I first saw it, and now that I have built the jet, it is even better than I remember.

This is the largest of the three Creator sets this Summer, containing 608-pieces and priced at £49.99 or $69.99. The main model appears to be based on the F-35 Lightning and is quite realistic on the whole, using a huge number of curved slopes to recreate the flowing lines of the real aircraft.

I have not built the two alternative models, a helicopter and a speedboat, simply because I don't think they look nearly as impressive as the primary model. This review will therefore focus on the jet alone.

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