BrickLink and CUUSOO Jointly Create a LEGO Publishing Platform

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Here's an interesting press release I received today:

BrickLink MOC Shop and CUUSOO have teamed up to create a new platform that will publish custom LEGO models created by LEGO fans. Since 2000, BrickLink has facilitated the trade of bricks all around the world as a LEGO marketplace. CUUSOO Systems has previously operated what is now called LEGO Ideas (with The LEGO Group), supporting aspiring creators from around the world get their products manufactured.

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Pokemon, Transformers, & Jaws added to the Ideas "Verboten List"

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Some "fun" and rare insights into the operation of LEGO Ideas today.

Pokemon, Transformers, and Jaws have been added to the unofficial (at least to the public) list of subjects that you won't find on Ideas.

On December 5th, Pikachu's Pokemon Center Visit! was published and it quickly reached 500 support then slowed down. Yesterday the Escapist posted on the project and gave it the rest of the push it needed to get to 1000.

The importance of that milestone is that at 1000 and 5000 supporters, Ideas does an IP check to find if the subject is currently being utilized by another "construction toy" group. Pokemon is currently licensed to Ionix, so the result is the archive. All Pokemon based projects, including the Pokemon: Gyarados pictured above, are shut down and new projects will not be published until the license is discovered to be available.

Ideas has also quietly archived Transformers. Being a Hasbro property with construction sets produced by its KREO division, this has been long in coming.

Jaws on the other hand, has been deleted from Ideas entirely. This is not unique but very very rare. It can be assumed that the powers that be made a pre-review decision that Jaws does not make a good "Brand Fit" with LEGO and thus it has been wiped clean.

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And the winners are...

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The eight judges of our festive building competition have finished deliberating so the results can now be announced.

There were several hundred entries all of which showed ingenuity in combining parts from two very different sets into something festive, so thank you all for entering but not for making the judges' job so hard!

Without further ado then, here are the winning entries:

First prize: Choice of Slave I or Detective's Office

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