Review: 75912 Porsche 911 GT Finish Line

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Following on from our reviews of the four smaller sets in the Speed Champions line, we are now turning our attention to the larger ones. 75912 Porsche 911 GT Finish Line is the second largest set of the wave, priced at £39.99 and containing 551 pieces. Immediately the good value of the set is striking, as is the variety of models included, with just about all the equipment required to stage a race.

These two Porsches stand out among the best of the Speed Champions cars in my opinion, capturing the shape of the real vehicles quite well and recreating the colour schemes very nicely too. Add some excellent racing accessories to the mix, and you have the makings of an excellent set.

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Review: 76029 Iron Man vs. Ultron

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Iron Man vs. Ultron

It is now less than two months until The Avengers: Age of Ultron is released, but LEGO have released their range of six sets to accompany the film on the 1st of March. We have the entire wave here at Brickset so will be bringing you reviews of them all over the next week.

The smallest of the six sets is 76029 Iron Man vs. Ultron, which is priced at £11.99 or $12.99 and contains 90 pieces. Sets of this size rarely resemble anything from the film and instead act as minifigure packs, so finding three Ultron Drones and Iron Man in his exclusive Mark 45 armour is a treat for army builders and Super Heroes minifigure collectors.

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Review: 5002943 Winter Soldier

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Before the first of our Avengers: Age of Ultron set reviews, which will be published later today, I thought it might be worth taking a brief look at 5002943 Winter Soldier. This item is currently only available with purchases of 76042 SHIELD Helicarrier in Europe, while North America will have to wait until June for a currently unknown promotion.

The Winter Soldier appeared in Captain America: The Winter Soldier last year and has featured in the comics as a Soviet assassin since 2005. His role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been left open and it seems likely we will see Bucky again in future. The minifigure appears to take some elements from the comics, but is predominantly based on the movie design, and therefore carries as much detail as any other Super Heroes minifigure, if not even more!

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A look at four 2015 polybags

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Polybag collectors have their work cut out this year given that there are now 33 new ones for 2015 in the database. Some have turned up in large US stores, others on mainland Europe, and some are currently very hard to find.

Thanks to trades with various Brickset members in Europe I've managed to get hold of most of them, so while we're waiting for CapnRex to kick-off his Age Of Ultron reviews later this week, I thought I would take a brief look at a four of them.

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Blocks magazine appoints new editor

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Blocks magazine is delighted to announce that it has found its new editor. Rob Paton will be taking the reins and will be building on the good work started by founding editor Mark Guest. Rob, whose career background is in online and magazine publishing, said about his appointment, “Finally, a lifetime hobby of collecting, brickfilming, customising and eBaying can now be called work. Thanks in no small part to Mark, Blocks magazine has impressed with detail, diversity and creativity in its early issues and the response from the readers has been fantastic.

“It makes taking the magazine on to the next level not only a unique opportunity, but also a considerable responsibility, and one that I am truly honoured to have been handed. With the help of a highly talented and versatile team of staff and contributors, the future for Blocks magazine looks exciting."

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Bricasso app updated

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Way back in 2010 we wrote about Bricasso, an iOS app for virtual LEGO building on your phone and tablet.

The developer has been hard at work upgrading it in the intervening years and version 2.3 has just been released. I don't have an iOS device to test it on any more but if the screenshots are anything to go by it looks to be excellent.

Find out more at the Apple AppStore. Note that it's a free download but has in-app purchases that unlock enhanced functionality.

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Review: 75908 458 Italia GT2

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75908 Ferrari 458 Italia GT2 is the fourth of the small Speed Champions sets that we've reviewed.

Unlike the other three this model is based on a racing car, one used in LeMans races, rather than a 'hypercar'. There are plenty of images of car 51 on Google image search although few of it in this exact livery, which appears to be that used at the 2013 race.

Have we left the best 'til last? Read on to find out...

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