BRICK 2014: Call for volunteers

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The largest LEGO show to be held in the UK is now just five weeks away. The organisers are looking for volunteers. If you fancy helping in return for free entry tickets, read on...

Now that we’re getting nearer to BRICK 2014, we’re planning each area of the show and we need your help! The show won’t happen without staff to help out the public and we’d really rather have AFOLs helping out wherever we can. There are around 50 volunteer positions available each day throughout the show over the public days doing various tasks. You don’t need any experience, just a good attitude and energy! If you’d like to help out at the show, then we’ve put together some of the key facts:

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An Interesting Idea: Skull Cove: Redbeard's Return

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I usually avoid sharing projects I have had a hand in on Brickset to avoid the appearance of impropriety. With Redbeard's Return however, I am just so pleased with how well it turned out that I could not resist.

Darthky and I tried to create a non-ship pirate set that would appeal to hard-core LEGO fans looking for more than the standard sets provide and I think we have delivered on that mission statement.

Darthky implemented a map table that just blew me away the first time I saw it. Really great parts usage.

It was also a lot of fun taking the classic figures of our youth and re-imagining them with modern levels of detail.

Of course, with a whole new Pirate line coming out in just a few months, and Pirates of the Caribbean on the horizon, we realize that these are pretty rough seas in which to launch our venture, but we will have fun with it anyway.

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Second Christmas set revealed

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Ice Skating

The second of this year's free Christmas sets, 40107 Ice Skating, has apparently been sent out in error with a order to LugPOL member len in Poland.

If last year is anything go by, it will be available to the rest of us free with orders over a certain threshold placed during the Thanksgiving weekend in November.

Thanks Bart and Bacon for the news.

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This week's top news articles

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These are the most read articles that we've posted over the last couple of weeks:

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An Interesting Idea: LEGO City 2080

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Perhaps LEGO Mecha are overplayed, especially within the LEGO Ideas project offerings, but I really dig the novel approach that Plumb is taking to their LEGO City 2080 campaign.

These "blockhead bots" have this nice industrial feel and I like how the color formats work well to express the purpose of each.

It is not exactly obvious from most of the pictures but the "box" on top of each bot hinges open at the side revealing a space just big enough for a minifig.

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