Blocks issue 1 review

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The pilot issue of Blocks, published back in the heady days of summer, clearly sold well enough for the team behind it to take the plunge and make a go of it ‘for real’. Over the past few months we watched as slowly, Blocks took on board more and more of the Brickset staff and regulars as contributors. Well at least the writing should be good...

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Minecraft sets available now

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The Cave

In Europe, the minifigure-scale Minecraft sets are now available at In the UK, the prices are:

Order them here: UK | Germany | France, or if you're in the UK, and you want them today, reserve and collect at Argos.

Sorry but in USA and Canada you'll need to wait until the middle of the month before you can get your hands on them.

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MSC cruise ships to feature LEGO playrooms

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This is not something I'd normally write about but the following press release contains interesting information, right at the end:

MSC Cruises has announced a partnership with LEGO Group to bring LEGO-themed playrooms on its ships.

Separate kids club offerings will be available for different groups including a supervised DUPLO Play Pen for children under five, free time play for children aged five to 11 and the LEGO Vertical Play Wall where teams compete to build a figure the fastest.

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Classic LEGO sets: airports, planes and air travel, part 1

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©1985 LEGO Group

I can remember it as clearly as yesterday – that day when I pitched up in the local toy shop, early in January 1985 to find the new launches for the year. Oh my G.O.S.H. Occupying pride of place in the display was 6392 Airport. It was a seminal day in my childhood LEGO career: LEGO had gone airborne. For Classic Town the sky was truly the limit.

Of course, there had been helicopters in Classic Town since the very start, with all three emergency services having several craft over the years. But the addition of a subtheme of passenger and cargo transport along with accompanying support services opened up exciting new opportunities for Classic Town collectors. It also provided LEGO with a rich seam of promotional sets to promote in partnership with the real life airline industry. In the interests of space, this article will feature only those sets on general release.

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Dropship kit on Kickstarter

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Ichiban Toys is offering their next custom kit, a dropship, on Kickstarter.

Normally it sells kits via its website but this "is an experiment in pre-funding a new kit. We want to use Kickstarter as a platform to generate interest in a new kit to essentially guarantee success in each of our new kits. This allows us to offer our customers more ambitious kits with less risk - overall keeping our costs down and thus being able to lower the prices of our kits. It's really a win-win for everyone."

They have already achieved 60% funding with 20 days to go, so there's a good chance the goal will be reached.

The model, plus others inspired by the same movie, can be yours from just $45 if you get in quick...

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Brick 2014, London, 27-30th November

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Here's the latest press release about the Brick 2014 event in London, 27-30th November:

In the year that LEGO officially became the world’s biggest toy and conquered the world’s box offices with the incredible and hilarious LEGO Movie, BRICK 2014 is heading for London’s ExCeL Centre for four days of family fun and the finest in LEGO building. With Saturday and Sunday now SOLD OUT fans are advised to grab tickets for Thursday and Friday ASAP and we’ve increased opening hours on each of these days until 9PM to cater for the huge demand and give kids a chance to visit after school.

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It's October 31st...

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Toy Workshop

...which can mean only one thing: no, not Halloween, it's the last day you'll enjoy double VIP points at and receive the first of this year's Christmas sets free with your order (over £50/$99).

If you haven't secured yours yet, here are links to do so now: USA | Canada | UK | France | Germany | Austria.

If you have it already, stay tuned for a building competition involving the set in a couple of weeks.

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