Skockacni LEGO exhibit, this weekend, Belgrade

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Our friends over in Serbia are busy again putting on another show:

"Over 260 sq.m of LEGO creations are waiting for you this weekend. Towers stretching metres into the air, intelligent robots, enchanted forests, scary castles, naval battles, Chima worlds, mosaics and digital creations.

"Creations from well known fairy tales, great battle in Middle earth, medieval war with over one thousand LEGO mini-figures will also be there. Also, you shouldn't miss angels, villains, magical creatures, steampunk ships, working trains and all sorts of moving shenanigans!

"Join us, and our guests from Hungary, Romania, Croatia, USA, and make this event even better and bigger."

It's being held at Deciji kulturni centar Beograd, Belgrade, Serbia, 20th and 21st September.

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Santa's Workshop available now to VIPs

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Santa's Workshop VIPs can now order this year's Winter Village set, and buy it at brand stores.

Normally I'd encourage you to do so but personally I'd hold fire until October when (a) it'll be double VIP points, (b) 40106 Elves' workshop will be free with qualifying purchases and most importantly (c) LEGO will hopefully have sorted out its affiliate tracking system because at the moment orders placed via our (and other websites) links are not being attributed correctly.

But, if you insist, here are the links: USA | UK | Canada.

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Dareth vs. Nindroid

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Dareth vs. Nindroid is a polybag that's currently available in Toys R Us in the UK. It's a TRU exclusive and free when you spend £25 on Ninjago, or £4.99 otherwise. This is despite the back clearly stating, in five languages, that it's 'not for sale'.

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An Interesting Idea: Typewriter

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Lots of people talk about how big a LEGO Ideas project can legitimately get, but few ever discuss how small they can be. That is why today I bring you the Typewriter.

The build is quite lovely and though the part count and size is low, it demonstrates excellent technique. Please consider supporting this project for its elegance if nothing else.

Just 150 more supporters and this project will qualify for the LEGO Ideas comment and the corresponding social media bump.

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Mixels series 3 building competition

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Mixels series 3 have been out for a couple of weeks now so it's time to launch our third Mixels building competition!

Once again, we have some fantastic prizes lined up:

  • First prize: 4000010 LEGO House, 5002144 Dareth vs. Nindroid and 5001121 BR minifigure
  • Second prize: 4000010 LEGO House
  • Third prize: 5002144 Dareth vs. Nindroid, 5001121 BR minifigure plus a handful of other polybags.

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Free LEGO with the Mail starting this weekend

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The Daily Mail website has today confirmed that the free LEGO promotion starts this weekend.

"...on Saturday they can help Wyldstyle battle one of evil Lord Business’ Micro Mangers from THE LEGO MOVIE. Then on Sunday they can join Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Mikey as he raises some shell’s with his turtle power.

"And there’s another fabulous FREE LEGO toy every day next week – a CITY Repair Lift on Monday, a Chima Phrax Phoenix on Tuesday, a CITY Police Watercraft on Wednesday, a Star Wars Jedi Interceptor on Thursday, a Chima Battle Bike on Friday, and last but not least the CITY Arctic Plane on Saturday. "

Which, I think, corresponds to the list first published by Brick Fanatics last month.

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