The 'Helicarrier effect'

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I've spoken before about the 'Brickset effect' which occurs when we link to other sites or promote offers which then see a spike in traffic or sell out as a result. Yesterday Brickset experienced something similar, the 'Helicarrier effect', at about 2:30pm GMT. The graph to the right, from Google Analytics real-time reporting, shows the number of users on the site and the number of pages per second being served as you all clamored to find out more about this highly anticipated set. It's the highest I've seen it since Mark Stafford linked to the list of sets he's designed from Reddit when the Exo-Suit was revealed last summer. Thankfully the server stood up to the assault...

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Review: LEGO Ideas Hover Scout and Recharge Dock

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This is a review of a set that doesn't exist... yet. But, with your help it could!

Promoting your LEGO Ideas projects is a difficult job, particularly so if it's not tied to an IP that has an established online fan base.

One method that's sure to be met with success is to send out kits of your model to bloggers in the hope that they like them enough to write good things about them on their sites.

This is exactly what Brickset member iso3200 has done for his project Hover Scout and Recharge Dock...

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Interesting Ideas

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Today we will be publishing two LEGO Ideas related articles. In this first one, Brickset member rock99rock discusses three recently added projects. If it's well received, it will become a regular feature.

Later on I'll publish an article about a project whose creator used a very unusual method to encourage me to promote it.

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Stormtrooper Sergeant giveaway in BR stores

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Stormtrooper Sergeant

There have been pictures of this new polybag, 5002938 Stormtrooper Sergeant, floating around for a few days but without availability information or a set number. Now, thanks to Anders in Denmark we know that it's being given away in BR toy shops there, and also possibly in other Scandinavian countries where BR has branches.

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Review: 10694-1 Creative supplement, bright

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It's not often we review boxes of bricks, in fact I think this might be the first time. That's probably because until this year, they have been pretty boring, useful only if you want to stock up on basic parts in basic colours.

This year however, boxes of bricks have been rebranded 'Classic', a product name last used in 1999, and are chock-full of useful parts in interesting colours.

The new range consists of six sets: small, medium and large creative brick boxes, a small 200-piece set and two 'creative supplement' boxes: 10693 containing mostly traditional LEGO colours and 10694 which is full of parts in colours more likely to appeal to girls. Naturally, that was the one I bought and is the subject of this review.

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Art of the Brick exhibition extended; new gallery added

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A new room has now been added to Nathan Sawaya's 'The Art of the Brick' exhibition, in the Old Truman Brewery in London. Gary Davis went along to see the new exhibits on behalf of Brickset.

The new room displays 'In Pieces', a multimedia collaboration between Nathan and Australian photographer Dean West. The press release states:

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