Be in the Next LEGO Ninjago Music Video

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Ninjago fans! The Fold, the band behind the theme music for LEGO Ninjago, is hosting a neat opportunity over the next couple days where you have the opportunity to be in their music video for the upcoming song "Spinning Out In Color"! All you have to do is take a quick video of yourself spinning around wearing the color of your favorite ninja. You can watch the full announcement of this opportunity on the band's YouTube channel. This opportunity is mainly intended for younger Ninjago fans, so if you're a kid who loves LEGO Ninjago or a parent or friend of a Ninjago fan, don't miss out on this fun offer from The Fold.

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Mixels Series 3: Glorp Corp

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The third series of the ever-popular Mixels series is available from today, and as such we will be bringing you reviews of all three tribes over the next few days. They are still priced at £2.99 or $4.99, which I think is a good price.

The first of these tribes is the Glorp Corp, a group of swamp based creatures who each appear to secrete significant amounts of goo, which certainly gives them an unusual appearance.

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New products at

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©2014 LEGO Group

It's the first of the month which invariably means there are new products available at Unfortunately I don't know exactly what they are because I'm writing this article in the middle of August, ahead of my trip to Ontario and upstate NY.

Mixels series 3 are due to be launched today, and looking at the list of unreleased 2014 sets the following are also likely to be available:

  • Advent calendars
  • Friends animals series 6
  • Possibly three new Speedorz
  • Collectable minifigures series 12

Minecraft sets will, I predict, be available in October. The Hobbit sets will most likely be released in late November/early December given they are not being officially unveiled until the middle of October.

The offers in the US and Canada for September are a free classic spaceman minifig with orders over $99 (US), and 30265 Worriz' Fire Bike with orders over $50. As I type, I don't know what the European offers are but I'm sure you'll find out soon enough.

Here are links to the Mixels page at UK | USA | Canada.

Our new sets listing (UK | USA | Canada) should be updated overnight tonight once the new items appear in the product feed.

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Hubble Telescope Completing its Mission

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The Current LEGO Ideas Review deadline is in just 3 hours. With quite an exciting surge in support, the Hubble is now a mere 85 support from 10,000.

Will be fun to watch.

Update: Okay, reaching 10,000 with two hours and forty minutes to go is not quite as nail biting as it could have been, but congratulations all the same.

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