Jurassic Park Returns to Ideas

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Since it was announced that LEGO would be on board with Jurassic World, it was pretty clear that the Jurassic Park license was going to be allowed back to Ideas eventually, and that time has now come.

Jurassic Park is therefore the second property to accomplish this; Doctor Who being the first.

For a quick review of how IP works on Ideas, in practice any IP that is not obviously outside of brand fit or on the "verboten list", can be posted to Ideas. When a project reaches 1000 support and 5000 support, there is usually a check for availability of the IP prior to the Official Comment by the Ideas staff. If the license for construction toys is being held by a third party, that project, and all projects with that IP are archived, and it is added to the "verboten list". Occasionally, subjects will be added from the review process (like Firefly) or if they get a lot of attention (Green Day).

Senteosan has already resubmitted his very popular project that was taken down when the IP was swept.

The review process, interestingly enough, holds true for even the most obvious of licensing conflicts such as properties that are exclusively held by Hasbro, such as Transformers (example project here), which even already has its own construction toy line.

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Review: Minecraft 21115 The First Night

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The second Minecraft set that LEGO kindly sent us to review is 21115 The First Night which features a building complete with pigsty, Steve, a Creeper and a pig.

Stylistically, it's similar to The Farm that we reviewed yesterday and in fact there's a nice surprise related to it that's revealed at the back of the instructions, as you'll see later.

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Minifigs.me releases 'Brick Flicks' range

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Custom minifig-maker Minifigs.me has been busy creating a range of film stars for the book Brick Flicks by Warren Elsmore, where they're used to recreate iconic scenes and posters from films spanning almost every genre. You can now buy many of them from their website.

I've been provided with two minifigs, based on characters from a popular Disney film, to review. See pictures after the break.

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Kickstarter: Bricks of the Mouse Guard

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Guy Himber is at is again with his crowd funded "Crazy Bricks."

This time around the subject is Mouse Guard, an avant-garde comic series set in a world much like our Earth but instead of humans being around, you have sentient mice. Not giant Mickey mice, but your standard scale mice with minimal physical anthropomorphism.

It is certainly an interesting read and the art is quite phenomenal. You don't have to take my word for it as it is an Eisner award winning publication.

Well, back on point to why we are all here. Himber is crowd sourcing the production of minifig compatible Mice head for minifigs and a variety of medieval weapons.

I gotta say, I love it when minifigs are presented as "actual size" and Guy has proven he can deliver on these kickstarters.

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BRICK 2014: Call for volunteers

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The largest LEGO show to be held in the UK is now just five weeks away. The organisers are looking for volunteers. If you fancy helping in return for free entry tickets, read on...

Now that we’re getting nearer to BRICK 2014, we’re planning each area of the show and we need your help! The show won’t happen without staff to help out the public and we’d really rather have AFOLs helping out wherever we can. There are around 50 volunteer positions available each day throughout the show over the public days doing various tasks. You don’t need any experience, just a good attitude and energy! If you’d like to help out at the show, then we’ve put together some of the key facts:

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An Interesting Idea: Skull Cove: Redbeard's Return

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I usually avoid sharing projects I have had a hand in on Brickset to avoid the appearance of impropriety. With Redbeard's Return however, I am just so pleased with how well it turned out that I could not resist.

Darthky and I tried to create a non-ship pirate set that would appeal to hard-core LEGO fans looking for more than the standard sets provide and I think we have delivered on that mission statement.

Darthky implemented a map table that just blew me away the first time I saw it. Really great parts usage.

It was also a lot of fun taking the classic figures of our youth and re-imagining them with modern levels of detail.

Of course, with a whole new Pirate line coming out in just a few months, and Pirates of the Caribbean on the horizon, we realize that these are pretty rough seas in which to launch our venture, but we will have fun with it anyway.

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