Review: 10246 Detective's Office

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The release of a new modular building has become a much anticipated event over the last few years. On 1st January 10246 Detective's Office will be available, a year after the release of the last one, 10243 Parisian Restaurant.

Rumours that the next modular would be a 'detective's agency' were circulating in the summer and many speculated that it might be based on 221b Baker Street but when images were leaked following the set being sent to brand stores to construct ahead of the Good Friday shopping events it was clear that this wasn't the case. The press release published shortly afterwards provided more information about it together with a designer video featuring Jamie Berard. It's worth taking a look at that if you haven't already because some of the features of the building are explained in it.

LEGO's CEE team has kindly sent us one to review, so read on to see if it should be on your wanted list. In response to criticism levelled at my multi-part reviews I've posted it as one long one, so make yourself comfortable...

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Friends Advent Calendar Review: Day 22

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I'm sorry to have to tell you that Lucy is laid up with the lurgy today so you'll have to make do with my review of today's gift.

For a nice change, it's a seasonal model: a gift box with a bow inside. What's interesting about it is that that the lid is attached upside down: the studs fit perfectly inside the 1x1 corner panels and it's held securely when in place. I'm sure it's not a new technique but I can't recall seeing it used in an official model before.

There's not much more I can say about it, really. Hopefully Lucy will be back on her feet tomorrow to provide you with something more substantial.

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Review: 60074 Bulldozer

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This year City offers a new spin on many traditional themes such as police and construction with the release of swamp police and demolition based sets among others. Our first review of a standard release 2015 set concerns one of those demolition sets, 60074 Bulldozer, which is priced at £24.99 in the UK and contains 383 pieces.

Perhaps surprisingly it is a full six years since we last saw a minifigure scale bulldozer in the City line with 7685 Dozer. Unusually for LEGO City therefore this is probably a vehicle that was due for an update and in my opinion it has been worth the wait. This and 60083 Snowplough Truck were the only two LEGO City sets that really stood out to me from the first wave of 2015, and I am not disappointed with either!

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City Advent Calendar Review - Day 22

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The seasonal theme continues as one would hope today with the arrival of a Christmas tree! These are mainstays of City Advent Calendars and the designs are often very similar. In fact, this year's model only differs from last year as it lacks a red mat to go underneath the tree and loses the 2x2 round plates in favour of simple 2x2 plates to go between the layers of branches.

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Two new 2015 sets uncovered

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{Marriage proposal}

Two more 2015 sets have been uncovered today: 60070 Water Plane Chase is another City Swamp Police set. It may be a Walmart exclusive in the USA. It has been purchased at and reviewed by The Brick Show on YouTube.

But far more interesting than that is 40120, which I've called Marriage Proposal for now. It's obviously going to be released in good time for Valentine's Day. It features a couple having a romantic meal of cupcakes washed down with wine. The man has given the woman the One Ring which is large enough to be a bracelet; probably just as well given she has no fingers :)

What's also interesting about it is that it appears to include 'alcohol in a present day situation' which is on the list of verboten subjects for LEGO models (as listed in the rules of our Christmas competition and at LEGO ideas). It could be sparkling water or something of course, but I think most people would assume it to be Champagne or similar.

Thanks to Bert/Brick builder for finding it.

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Star Wars Advent Calendar Review - Day 21

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I noticed a lack of Rebel ships appropriate for dogfighting with the TIE Fighter a few days ago but today that is at last rectified with the arrival of a Y-Wing mini model! This is a popular vehicle from the Original Trilogy which appeared before in the 2011 Advent Calendar, and no changes have been made for this year.

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