BrickUniverse: 2 months to go

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BrickUniverse is a LEGO Fan Event coming to the Raleigh Convention Center. The event will be on March 26-29, with the 28 & 29 being public days.

The 26 & 27 will be private days for four day convention attendees.

Activities for four day convention attendees include:

  • Fan Zone with creations built by LEGO builders of all ages. Four day convention attendees can display their creations here.
  • BIONICLE Activities with remote control LEGO tanks and robotics.
  • Model Gallery presented by The Brick Show: with select LEGO models and collections from The Brick Show's personal collection.

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Review: 40120 Valentine's Day Dinner

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Valentine's Day is less than three weeks away so now would be a good time to snap up the first of this year's seasonal sets, 40120 Valentine's Day Dinner, before it's sold out because not only is it a great set, but it's full of rare pieces too.

Last year's five seasonal sets were cute animals designed my Mel Caddick. This year's are 8x8 vignettes which once again have been designed by Mel.

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This week's top news articles

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These are the most read articles that we've posted over the last couple of weeks:

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Mark Guest parts with Blocks

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It has been announced today that Blocks co-founder and Editor Mark Guest is to leave Blocks. Issue 5, (which comes out in February) will be the last issue with Mark at the helm.

Mark has been instrumental in creating Blocks from the start and it was his own obsession with LEGO that drove the one-off project to become a monthly publication. It is fair to say the product has been well received amongst the LEGO fan community and has progressively strengthened under his leadership.

Back in June 2014, Mark first revealed Blocks to the world as a one-off WH Smith exclusive 'Bookazine' This was a small insight of what was to come and in the following months a team of experts and respected contributors assembled adding a great impetus that allowed the vision to grow into something the community had longed for.

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Now picture of Mystery Mansion has turned up

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Mystery Mansion

Following the revealing of the Mystery Machine earlier today, Toy News International has just published this picture of 75904 Mystery Mansion.

If previous product releases are anything to go by pictures of the other sets will be published by various news outlets over the coming days.

It's just like CapnRex101 described it, isn't it!

Thanks to various people including LostInTranslation for the news!

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Here's the Mystery Machine!

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The Mystery Machine

USA Today has just published a picture of 75902 Scooby Doo Mystery Machine!

"Fans always wonder which properties may come to life in LEGO form, and this year we are thrilled to bring all of the mystery, humor and hijinks of the Scooby-Doo universe to life in LEGO toys and animated content," said Jill Wilfert, vice president, licensing & entertainment at The LEGO Group."

Read more at USA Today. Thanks to Paul for the news.

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Series 14 collectable minifigs are monstrous!

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Images of series 14 minfigs have escaped from the Chinese factory and have found their way onto Baidu.

All 16 will be monsters of some kind and I believe they'll be released in good time for Halloween.

HothBricks has done a great job of creating this montage image that shows all that have been revealed.

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