First glimpse of Creator 10247 Ferris Wheel

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Allen over at TheBrickFan has uncovered an image of the next exclusive set, 10247 Ferris Wheel, on Facebook.

It should be officially revealed imminently as it will be on sale to VIPs from 13th May. This image has come from a store calendar which presumably has escaped into the wild before LEGO intended it to.

What do you think? Up there with the Grand Carousel and Fairground Mixer?

Discounts at

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Latest 30% or more discountsPriceSavingDiscount
70101 Legends of Chima Target Practice$8.99$6.0040%

Yorkshire Brick Show: One week to go

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This year's Yorkshire Brick Show is taking place next weekend at the National Coal Mining Museum, near Wakefield.

From the show website: "The Yorkshire Brick Show features impressive creations with LEGO bricks from Adult Fans of LEGO (AFOLs) from around the country, nay, the world, and is one of the largest annual displays of LEGO models and creations in Yorkshire.

"Returning for our second year at the National Coal Mining Museum for England on May Bank Holiday weekend from the 2nd until the 4th of May 2015, there will be models galore from all themes in the LEGO universe, including City layouts, Trains, Star Wars and more. There will certainly be something for everyone.

"This year we will see an increase in the number of LEGO User Groups in attendance, and some huge interactive builds for our visitors to enjoy. What’s more, there will be loads of activities for the kids (and grown-ups) to get involved in, whether it’s in our build zone, or taking part in one of our fantastic competitions to win fabulous LEGO prizes, you’re guaranteed a grand day out!"

Tickets can be purchased from the show website, from £6.50.

This week's top news articles

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These are the most read articles that we've posted over the last couple of weeks:

Review: 21023 Flatiron Building

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The Architecture theme has grown in popularity since it first appeared in 2008, but it was only last year that I developed an interest in this theme after acquiring 21019 Eiffel Tower. Images of the two 2015 models in the series impressed many fans, including myself, so I rushed out to buy 21023 Flatiron Building yesterday as it is now available at some branches of Smyths in the UK and Ireland.

21023 is priced at £34.99 and contains 471-pieces, so in that regard it is good value for an Architecture set, particularly considering the high quality of the packaging and instructions. The model measures 157mm in height so is not particularly large, although it is absolutely packed with pieces and weighs a fair amount so it feels well worth what you are paying for it.

The Flatiron Building is an icon of New York City, built in the Renaissance Revival style in 1902. It has since given its name to an entire area of New York (where one will find a LEGO Store) and is counted among the most recognisable buildings in the city.

It should therefore be an ideal fit to become a LEGO Architecture model.

Box and Contents

The box is typical of the Architecture series, made of a high quality cardboard and with an opening flap so no damage is done to the box as you open it. Inside are five bags of pieces and an eighty-eight page instruction booklet. As usual, several of these pages are occupied by information and facts about the building and its construction, as well as Daniel H. Burnham, the architect who designed the Flatiron.

I am sure the quality of the packaging counts towards the cost of the set, but I certainly don't think that is noticeable here.

The Build

Most Architecture sets are a joy to build, and this one is no different. Although the rather difficult shape of the building has been captured using the simplest techniques possible, this is nevertheless an impressive demonstration of how SNOT construction can be integrated with hinges.

21023 Flatiron Building

The build begins with construction of the base, which is only 10x14 studs in size. You then proceed to assemble the internal structure using various bricks, plates and twelve 1x2/1x4 brackets.

21023 Flatiron Building

All of these bricks are quickly covered by sections of the building's facade, which are fitted to the brackets until they envelope all three sides of the structure. The model is completed by the addition of a series of 2x1x2 slopes at the top, placed sideways using headlight bricks.

21023 Flatiron Building

The techniques used are not particularly elaborate, but the build was a delight from start to finish. I was quite surprised by its simplicity and impressed that such an unusually shaped building could be rendered so effectively using hinges, brackets and curved slopes!

The Completed Model

When finished, the Flatiron Building is almost seamless. Each side blends very well with those adjoining it and it closely resembles the actual building.

21023 Flatiron Building

The three faces are decorated quite simply, but look very accurate to reality, with many small windows represented by 1x1 tiles and grille components. The four dark tan bands running around the entire model are not quite as visible in reality as they are on the model, but they certainly represent the floors of the skyscraper well.

21023 Flatiron Building

The 1x1 round plates used above the two doors on the ground floor are an impressive detail, nicely recreating the circular carving and window found on the real Flatiron Building. The glass front runs along almost the entirety of the two longer sides and looks great.

21023 Flatiron Building

The shape of the model is perfect as far as I can see. It faithfully recreates the sharpness of the real building that gives it its name and on display it looks fantastic. The tan colour approximates the limestone and terra cotta walls nicely as well.

21023 Flatiron Building


I think the Flatiron Building is a superb choice for an Architecture model and it is thoroughly impressive when compared with images of the real thing. Of the five Architecture sets I own this is certainly my favourite by a substantial margin, not only because it looks excellent but also as £34.99 is good value in my opinion considering the detail and weight of the model.

21023 Flatiron Building

I don't have any other Architecture sets with me, so I cannot give you a size comparison beside those. However, I came to the obvious conclusion that Owen and a Velociraptor from the Jurassic World theme would give you an appropriate impression of scale.

21023 Flatiron Building

The set is available now in some Smyths stores and I suspect the release date worldwide will be the 1st of May to accompany the Jurassic World line and Series 2 of the Simpsons Collectible Minifigures. To fans of the Architecture theme, I think it is a must have and if you want to buy an impressive, medium sized set to get a taste of the line, this is the ideal set to choose!

Small Yellow Reaches 10,000

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Small Yellow, inspired by Nathan Sawaya's "Yellow" has reached 10,000 supports with only 5 days left.

If this project gets turned into an official set, I am very interested in what the instructions will display in regards to the "spilled" pieces. ;)

Small Yellow will be joining ELEVEN other projects in the upcoming review:

LEGO Friends The Adventure Guide mini-doll revealed

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DK's latest LEGO book, LEGO Friends The Adventure Guide, is published on May 1st. Today we can exclusively reveal that the cover mounted mini-doll is Kate in a new outfit, with basket and strawberry tile.

The book's synopsis on Amazon reads:

"Discover everything there is to know about the LEGO Friends girls and their fun-packed lives. Includes a Friends mini-doll!

"Join Mia, Stephanie, Emma, Andrea and Olivia on their exciting adventures around Heartlake City and beyond. Learn about their pets, personalities, dreams and passions. Discover how the girls like to spend their days: find out what it takes to look after the horses at Heartlake Stables, get fashion tips from Emma, see what goes into organising a surprise party, and learn about the girls' dream jobs."

The 96-page hardback book can be pre-ordered from (£12.34) and ($11.53).

You will find photos of Kate and sample spreads from the book after the break.

DK Friends The Adventure Guide

DK Friends The Adventure Guide

DK Friends The Adventure Guide

DK Friends The Adventure Guide

DK Friends The Adventure Guide

LEGO Ideas Deadline Bracket Final Round

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As April the 30th looms, our LEGO Ideas Deadline Bracket is coming to a close with its Final Round.

The L. Rivendell Museum of Natural History faces off against the undefeated Drake's Head Inn.

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