Inventory for 10046-1: Brown Tiles

This set inventory has been obtained from LEGO Customer Services replacement parts page. It may not be complete or accurate. The right-hand column indicates whether the piece may be available from LEGO Customer Services.

Important note: We do not control this inventory and cannot currently make changes to it. Use it as a guide to the contents of the set, or to find out part numbers when requesting replacements.

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Part Image Qty Colour Category Design Part name In sets Introduced in
306925 40 Earth Orange System: Plates 3069 FLAT TILE 1X2 16 1996
4116732 30 Earth Orange System: Plates 2431 FLAT TILE 1X4 14 1999
4129506 30 Earth Orange System: Plates 6636 FLAT TILE 1X6 8 2000