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30 Dec 2012
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15 Nov 2013
United Kingdom
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Welcome to the official Brickset account of 101ThePolybagCollector101


Hi, My names Connor Bak and im 12 years old. I live in Warwickshire, England. My main (and only) hobby is Lego. I play with it in every spare moment i have and i always have fun. I have been collecting Lego for six years and i got my first set on my 6th Birthday and that set was the Lego City Heavy Hauler (set 7998.)

My Theme Interests:

I like alot of themes and i usually bring around 5-8 themes into my collection a year so my collection just keeps on Growing. Below are my theme interests, Enjoy!

~Lego Agents
~Lego Atlantis
~Lego City
~Lego Creator
~Lego Collectable Minifigures
~Lego Dino
~Lego Hobbit
~Lego Indiana Jones
~Lego Legends of Chima
~Lego Lord of the Rings
~Lego Monster Fighters
~Lego Ninjago
~Lego Pirates
~Lego Seasonal
~Lego Superheroes (DC and Marvel)
~Loads More!

My Youtube Account:

My Youtube account name is ThePolybagCollector. But before you go and check it out, let me tell you a bit about me and that youtube account. By reading the name you have probably established to yourself that i collect Lego Polybags and that is correct. Now i dont just like collecting Lego Polybags but i LOVE collecting polybags. It's my favourite aspect of Lego believe it or not and some of you might think that i'm wasting my time collecting polybags but actually, it's not like your going into a store and buying it because lots of polybags are rare, others can only be found in certain countrys etc. So for me and polybag collecting theres five main aspects of it - Searching, Finding, Collecting, Building and Reviewing them so theres a bit about why i'm called ThePolybagCollector. I also LOVE normal boxed sets but my favourite part is collecting Polybags which i started in October 2012 so i have 34 polybags right now :-) Now more about the channel: I started the channel on the 25th December 2012 (Aka Christmas) and i got 16 subscribers in the first week! Wow! On my account i do three main things - Review Sets, Put out news videos of new sets etc and i show Mocs. I review all themes and i review boxed sets, Polybags, Foil packs and any other kinds of packaging. I review as much as i can get my hands on so i can please my subscribers. I do news videos about new Sets coming out, New set pictures, Breaking news about Lego and loads more and lastly, i show Mocs. M.O.C stands for My Own Creation and it is basically a Lego model you have built yourself with no instructions. You can find out more about my Channel on my channel - ThePolybagCollector and please Susbscribe so you don't miss out on Amazing Lego videos!

My Collection:

Please check out my Collection below and see what i have. If you have time after, Please message me via an email - [email protected] to tell me your thoughts on my Collection.

My Bricklists:

Please Check out my Bricklists below and tell me your thoughs on them via an email - [email protected] If you can, maybe tell me tips on how to make them better or you could just generally tell me a nice comment about them. So far, i have one Bricklist but i have one or two under construction. The one i have up at the moment shows you ALL the polybags that came out in 2012 so please enjoy that Bricklist and expect more Bricklists soon!

Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and my Email!

My facebook name is ThePolybagCollector
Twitter - My name on Twitter is ThePolybagCollector @LegoPolybags
Flickr - My name on Flickr is ThePolybagCollector
Email- My email is [email protected]

Thankyou for reading this column about me and i will hopefully see you on Youtube or somewhere on Brickset!
-Connor (ThePolybagCollector)
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