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Tereglith (not really)
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Before November 2010
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25 Jan 2015
United States
the Virgo supercluster of Galaxies
LEGO interests:
I have major interests in any space themes that LEGO puts out, as well as liking Bionicle (yes, bionicle), and some "historical" themes (Pirates, Castle) and liscences of any movies I like (Indy, mainly). Instead of buying new sets, what I mainly do now is sift through my pieces and build MOC's. I have a seemingly endless supply of greebling pieces. However, if LEGO does something really good, like Mata Nui or the Space Truck Getaway, I'm willing to shell out my precious cash. I'm a TFOL, and I really doubt that I'm ever going to have any dark ages - I've been playing with LEGOs non-stop since I was three. Favorite set that I have intact is actually the Batwing, but my favorite set ever was probably the 1999 X-wing, just because. And my favorite set that I wish I could have afforded at the time but never was able to buy is the Prisoner of Azkaban Hogwarts.
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