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Shelly Heikkinen
Member since:
23 Jan 2012
Last online:
22 Jan 2015
United States
california, USA
LEGO interests:
We collect City, Trains, anything that works with our Lego train layout which includes a downtown section consisting of the modulars and town plan buildings, a police station, fire station and garage. We have a working monorail with two stations, two city parks - one is Western themed using Lone Ranger, Toy Story and Fort Legoredo pieces. The other has an unpowered train as it's centerpiece. We have a lake with canoes (not real water) and a small island with teepees. We have several houses, many vehicles, ana a small construction zone. There are two train stations and two train yards, one is a switch yard and the other is a container loading facility. Shelves on the wall display many vehicles, cranes, pictures of Legoland California, small builds, and minifigs.

We're in the process of re-doing another shop which currently holds several cabinets displaying Lego ships, the Statue of Liberty, Skyline set, Architecture sets, and shelves that display the Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, Wright Flyer and Sopwith Camel. A layout in this shop will become an Airport, Space Port and Seaport.

I have the Advent calendars for the years since we started collecting, a well as the Winter Village sets. I recently started collecting the Friends sets as well as Monster Fighters. My husband enjoys collecting some of the vintage sets as well as a few odd things from Legoland parks.
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