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Before November 2010
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18 Jan 2015
Paris, France
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I love the City themes, as I'm a plane freak, so obviously may favorites Lego sets are all involving planes, airports, etc!

My first Lego set was the International Jetport 6396, then I got the Cargo red plane 6375, the small turboprop, the Lego Shuttle and the Lego Plane which carries the Shuttle (Like the NASA one).

The Lego that made me come back to collect them after long years was the 7893 and the Latest Airport from 2006. Then on last Xmas I broght them back to Germany where i live actually and start getting the new planes sets as well other like the Police station Fire Station, The Village Corner and some others...Just waiting the release of the 3182 Airport set!!! Can't wait!!!

You can find me on facebook if you want to add me and speak about planes, legos and so on :D.

Best wishes to all you! :D
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