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03 Apr 2012
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01 Feb 2015
Melbourne, Australia
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I'm an AFOL from country Victoria, Australia - which certainly comes with it's challenges! As a result, I mostly buy sets online and grapple with the eternal battle: Do I mark the set as owned once I've paid for it, or once I have it in my hands?

As a kid the majority of my sets were from the Harry Potter theme, so I still have a fondness for them and would love to complete my collection! (Every time I scroll through ebay I think, 'If I had a time machine the first thing I would do is go back and buy all of these sets at their original prices!'.

Now days I live for Middle Earth sets, but also enjoy the Superheroes theme (among others) and maintain my nostalgic love of Harry Potter. Between waves I love embarking on polybag hunts (which is neither easy nor cheap in Australia) as there is nothing like the successful feeling of holding a poly that hasn't been seen in stores!

I enjoy mocing, but only for my own enjoyment - mostly expanding existing sets or exploring all corners of Middle Earth.

So that's me! Don't worry - I'm just as crazy as you are, and love every minute :-)
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