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01 Jul 2011
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31 Jan 2015
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A bit all over the place. I've got the latest modular houses, a bunch on city vehicles, two ships from POTC, an AT-AT Walker, MMV, and a bunch of sets that were cheap but nice.

I'd love to see new Western sets, though. And I wish the Knights sets were reduced in price by Amazon every now and then, because there are some I'd really like. (Two interests I blame on HBO's "Deadwood" and "Game Of Thrones".)

Grew up playing with LEGO (late-1970s to mid-1980s), then I "grew up" (hah!), bought most of the Star Wars sets from the fist wave, but didn't really come back until a year or so ago. Can't really remember why, but I'm guessing it was due to visiting a toy store (got a bunch of nieces and nephews) and seeing what was available, combined with finding out Amazon has some nice discounts every now and then.

(Ugh, just noticed there were Viking sets in 2005/6 but only in the US. And a Ninja/Samurai line-up a decade ago that was far more traditional than the current Ninjago sets. Man, I missed a ton of cool sets... Wish I was a millionaire so I could buy all those Western/Viking/Ninja/Castle sets.)
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