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I'm Batman
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Before November 2010
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17 Jun 2011
A Batcave Under Canada
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I love lego. My favourite theme is probably Batman, Indiana Jones is also very cool. I have lots of LEGO bricks, I currently have 21,233 bricks! My top 10 favourite sets (that I own) are:
1. The Batcave (Batman)
2. Boeing 787 Dreamliner (Large Scale Models-Aircraft)
3. Arkham Asylum (Batman)
4. The Batmobile-Two Face's Escape (Batman)
5. Combine Harvester (Technic)
6. Dune Buggy (Technic)
7. Crab Crusher (Aqua-Raider)
8. The LEGO Book (DKLegoBook) a great book!
9. Grand Soccer Stadium
10. MT-201 Ultra-Drill Walker (Mars Mission) although I don't like mars mission, this was an amazing set!

I haven't put all my sets on to here yet, but I will get around to it some day.

The top 3 sets that I want are:
1. Home One Mon Calamari Star Cruiser
2. Imperial Flagship
3. Medieval Market Village

Well thats about it.

l o o o o l
l o o o o l
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