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Sending messages and reviews from a dungeon in Roxtus, Bara Magna
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My favorite themes are BIONICLE and Dino Attack, even though, sadly, both are now extinct. I also like to RipStik, play paintball, airsoft and music. I currently have over 67 BIONICLE sets, my favorite either being the Axalara T9, Skrall, or Vorox (I like them all equally). I'm not so much into Lego anymore, you might say I'm going into the 'dark ages', but I still keep 'em all safe.

I am also a member of the LEGO Club and MLN. If you wanna find me on MLN, just look for daniel-1995-11.

I have discontinued my Brickshelf gallery uploads, as there's rumors of predators on it, but you can still view my gallery at the below link.
If you want to see more updated pix of my collection, search for me in the Gallery section of
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