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19 Feb 2011
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24 Jan 2015
United States
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Hello. I like: Castle, Space, Star Wars, Pirates, Aquanauts, etc.

My favorite set is: 6086 Black Knights Castle
My favorite figure is: Doc Ock (from 4855)(I have all the Alfred Molina figures).
I have waited more than 20 years for TMNT Lego!!

I was born in America, and live here again now, but worked and lived in Japan and Germany. It's nice, but legos are quite expensive in Japan (especially in comparison). I work in the Automotive industry.

My dark ages began with the juniorisation of sets (like castle set 6098 King Leo's shack). I did not buy many sets (relatively) in high school even when though I part-timed at a toy store.
It was after I started my full time job that I re-started collecting. Especially 7676 (republic gunship) was one that brought me back. Recently I haven't been able to get enough Space and Star Wars.

It's probably not something so spectacular, but I've bought sets in the US, Japan, Germany, Canada, and England.
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