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Brick Bob
Member since:
Before November 2010
Last online:
10 Jul 2014
United Kingdom
Buried beneath a pile of LEGO
LEGO interests:
I joined Brickset in 2008 but I've been LEGO fan for as long as I can remember

My favourite LEGO themes (in order) are:

Super Heroes
Star Wars (mainly The Clone Wars)
Bionicle (R.I.P 2010)
Video games (LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Batman)
Castle (inc Vikings, etc)

I'm collecting less LEGO now as my wallet doesn't like LEGO. But I still try to get as many sets as possible.
I have lots of LEGO I use for MOCs, as well as keeping most sets (like Star Wars) on display. Sadly I have little time for LEGO at the moment, but I will definitely keep up my life-long love of the brick.

Outside the world of plastic bricks, I'm a student currently in a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Computing.


If you're wondering about the 09, it's not the year I joined Brickset, but simply my favourite number ;)

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