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Mike Hedrick
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Before November 2010
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25 Nov 2014
United States
Ashville, OH
LEGO interests:
I've always liked the Pirates and Castle sets. Some of the Space themes have been cool. The Space theme I liked the most was M-Tron.

I'm really amped about the new minifigs they've been releasing. Excited for series 2 to come out.

My first LEGO set was 6848-2 (Strategic Pursuer). I got it for my 8th birthday. I wish I still had the pieces to it. I may try to purchase the individual pieces or just buy the set on eBay.

My 7-year-old daughter just got an interest when I took her to the LEGO store. It's nice that she enjoys the same thing that I enjoyed as a kid....and still do.
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