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Captain Eyebrow
Member since:
Before November 2010
Last online:
27 Jan 2015
United Kingdom
New Forest, United Kingdom
LEGO interests:
Classic Space, a soft spot for trains (after the Emerald Night I suddenly took an interest!) quite sucked into the Marvel and LOTR/Hobbit sets.

I was brought out of my Dark Ages by my Godson who wanted LEGO for one Christmas and I spent the best Christmas Day building some Mars Mission sets with him. Following that I ferreted around in my Mothers loft and recovered my bricks and I began to put my Classic Space sets together and but the missing parts from Brinklink.

I think my first ever set was #894 - Mobile Ground Tracking Station and it would have been purchased for me by my mother and it still takes pride of place in my home office.

I'm not very active anywhere else than Brickset although I do like to try to get to Steam in Swindon every year.
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