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Hello There! I'm Crt2, My First Lego set was "4107 Build your Dreams" Like any Child's first Lego set, it was a Basic Brick Box. That Was my ONLY Lego set. But One Christmas I Recieved a Bionicle set......Bionicle was my Favorite Theme for 5 years. In 2009 I Bought The Most Sets Ever (20 sets!), By The Time Summer Came, I Had already Boughten all the Winter sets! During this Period I Recieved a Powerminers set, I Then Started Collecting Them & thru a Turn of Events I Became a Lego Fan. I Then Started to Make my Fortune in City Building, I Used alot of Bricks from 4107, & Some other boxes to Make a 48 x 100 Stud Long City. In Which I Take my Pride!
When 2010 Hit, The Actual Collecting Began. I Got all The Bionicle Stars, The First Wave of Space police, Some City, Atlantis (In Which I Bought all The keys), 4 Sets of toy Story & The Entire series 1 Collectible Minfigures. I'm Now Saving up For Harry Potter! I Also Make Lego Comics, If You Want to See Them: Scroll Down to "Other Lego Website". Enjoy!
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