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Darth Zared/Tom
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24 Mar 2012
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20 Dec 2013
United Kingdom
LEGO interests:
I am a Dark Lord of the Sith in the New Republic era. I collect and build models of galactic spaceships from the past and present for my collection and data. I am the final and most powerful apprentice of Lord Vader and have vowed revenge on Luke Skywalker and the Republic. Before becoming Vader's apprentice, Lord Sidious sent me to Toydaria, way back in the Clone Wars, as he worried the Jedi would destroy his plan. However, he betrayed me, and Vader took me on as his apprentice once Malek was destroyed. Once Skywalker killed him, (although he denied it by saying he 'turned him to the light side') I vowed revenge and formed the Z Empire. My mission is to kill him, and end his Republic. For Vader!!!!


P.S. Please become my friend if you are a Sith or Dark Jedi who would like to join my Empire! Or if you just love Lego!

Who I Really Am
I am an 11 year old boy who has always loved Lego and has since, well, ever! From Duplo to my present love, Star Wars, I have been through many themes, mainly licensed, but have found an epic desire for Star Wars and must have over 30 sets by now (see my collection). However, my desire has grown a little far and by the time I'm 12 I'll be sleeping on an AT-AT! :) Anyway, I want to become an active member of the Lego community and help Brickset expand in any way I can!


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