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02 Apr 2013
Sydney, Australia
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Having escaped from the burning ruins of his ravaged motherland, Grypton, Dentarthurdent now dwells on Earth among humans. Sworn protector of Hamkind, he is known among many simply as 'The Hooded Mutt.'

Some 50 years ago it was rumored that he had abandoned his quest to protect Hamkind and indulged himself instead in another, more peculiar obsession - the unrestrained collection of little plastic bricks. Consequently, Hamkind ceased to exist, for without The Hooded Mutt they were helpless and vulnerable to the dangers of the Earth. One can only wonder what our Earth would be like had Hamkind endured. Regardless, the Hooded Mutt's LEGO collection grew and grew until it came to a point where he could no longer keep track of what he had. Accordingly, he set out on a new quest - that of scathingly critiquing his lifelong passion with unbridled cynicism, something no one will ever even begin to understand why. He particularly treasured his model Ferrari 1:8 and his other model cars, for he is, after all, a mutt
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