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P.D. Anderson
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Before November 2010
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11 Nov 2014
Democratic Peoples' Republic of Australistan
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I've been a LEGO fan since a very young age (I'm currently 18). For better or worse, I followed BIONICLE all the way through, and I was a major contributor to and briefly served as a moderator on BZPower. With BIONICLE's demise and the knife to the ribs that was my departure from BZPower, my interest has begun to wander among other, more deserving lines; I especially love the look of Alien Conquest. I rarely buy sets nowadays as LEGO prices are a complete joke here, and as a university student I almost never have adequate funds for anything.

My favourite theme is Rock Raiders; it is this theme which contains my favourite set, the 4980 Tunnel Transport, and its PC game is still my tenth-favourite video game. I have very strong grammar prude tendencies, and I cannot stand the mangling of LEGO brand names, especially the awful mistaken terms "Legos" and "Bionicles". Many walls have been punched upon hearing those abominable errors uttered.

I used to be a half-decent MOCist, specialising in BIONICLE; it's been over a year since then, however, and I feel I've lost my ability to MOC decently. Hopefully, this is the closest I'll ever come to a dark age.
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