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Nick O.
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29 Dec 2012
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29 Dec 2012
United States
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I am currently a college student and getting more interested in Lego every day. I am also on Cuusoo under the name DrNO.

My best friend and I are always constantly building interesting models in his basement. Our last huge model was the city that we made and later displayed at Brickworld Chicago 2012.

One of my most recognizable builds was the Small Night Club that I built and was displayed underneath our city model at Brickworld. You can view a picture of the Night Club on flicker that someone else posted. I have yet to post many pictures of my models anywhere quite yet.

I always enjoy designing and making new and interesting models, whether it be cities, vehicles, custom minifigures, or other inventions. I shall have some pictures posted around somewhere eventually.

My best friend and I are both on our month-long winter break and are working on plenty of new and awesome ideas for the 2013 Brickworld Chicago.
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