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Erinlyn Wendt
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06 Jan 2011
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24 Jan 2015
United States
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Oddly as a child I didn't have many actual lego just a handfuls worth that came from a plastic baggie that I liked but they didn't fit with the bricks that filled up the ice cream bucket my mother bought from somewhere. One of my first jobs as a teenager was a ToysRUs and lego really started catching my attention how cool some of the sets were. Several years later the first set ever I bought with my now exhusband (which I don't have) was the 5986 ancient ruins we spent a saturday afternoon building it and then it was like hmm now what so it went back in the box. In stores from time to time I'd stop and see what was new but never purchased, but was always very impressed with what was coming out. I had gotten a duplo lot of ebay for my son but that really wasn't when the trouble started. It wasn't until more recently christmas 2009 that my son was 5 and I bought him his very first big boy lego sets a big blue bucket from sams club and a pirate set 6240 Kraken attacken and a lego addiction was born...of mine! Which also spread to my son. Since then I've somehow managed to accumulate over 350 sets no sign of stopping any time soon.

My favorite sets include animals. I really like some of the duplo sets for this reason. I kind of wish Lego would make a zoo set from non duplo but I settle for getting the animals here and there. I love the modular line though I've never had that much money to shell out for one, I've been too busy getting Toy Story and Super Heros and Hero Factory and whatever else for my son. I missed the boat on getting the carousel they're so expensive now which is too bad, I thought $299 new was steep! I'd have loved to put that on my desk! I really love the Creator 3 in 1 lines as I feel like you get more for your money being able to build more than one thing and it teaches me new ways to build.

Anyhow the main thing I love about Lego is not only is it something I can do to spend quality time with my son. It appeals to my inner collection addict, I love looking for bargains and seeing what my son creates out of his imagination.

Lately we've embarked on trying to take things from our imagination and make them which is difficult for me. I'm really good with instructions but not as good with free building so I'm working on expanding that skill.

So that's my Lego addiction in a nutshell! I'm happy to be here!
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