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Søren B Pedersen
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Before November 2010
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25 Jan 2015
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From Rebrick: In EyeExist’s home, there are always extra LEGO© sets on hand. In fact, he keeps them organized by series in a storeroom, to ensure that his three children always have a few available to them at any given time.

“I even had lots of LEGO DUPLO sets before the children were born, so there would be a LEGO runway for their arrival,” the 48-year-old from Denmark explains.

Since EyeExist is from the birthplace of the LEGO brick, his children actually make up the third generation of LEGO fans in his family.

“My first memory is playing with my dad's very old LEGO bricks,” He goes on. “The first memory I have of a set is getting the Shell Tanker Truck as a pre-Christmas present in 1970 and have collected ever since.”

Of course, he can only actually build with LEGO sets when his children allow him to, although he does spend a lot of time playing with them in their LEGO worlds (where they appear currently as LEGO Legends of Chima characters).

Over the years, EyeExist and his family have taken part in many LEGO initiatives, his sons even won last year’s Happy Holiplay and participated as LEGO VIP Chima Reporters for Denmark. They are also fans of Life of George, and have collected over 500 photos from George’s adventures around the world (he also has a Facebook page). EyeExist also helps maintain a LEGO website, LekGodt, which translates to The LEGO Group’s iconic “play well” catch phrase in Norwegian.

“It is LEGO bricks every single day. And all of our friends and family and colleagues know how important LEGO products are to us,” he concludes. “We have it all over the house.”
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