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Foxlord The Fox
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Before November 2010
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06 Sep 2014
United States
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Mostly a Castle and Pirate Collector, though I am fond of pretty much everything, not too big on the Clone wars sets but I love the original trilogy sets, do not care for Bionicle at all. Still kicking myself in the butt for missing out on the Harry Potter sets, trying to collect all of those while not using ebay or Amazon is insanely tricky. Been playing with and collecting Legos since I I dunno 3...ish.
I'm an AFOL, I restarted collecting about a year and a half ago when I fell in love with the Dwarves' Mine set, which at the time was a Target Exclusive. now I'm trying my best to create a decent and detailed castle. but that's pretty tough to do when yer slightly obsessive compulsive and very much prefers to keep your sets in their original created form :P maybe one day I'll break out of that.
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