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05 Apr 2011
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I love a lot of themes and like to buy all of the cool sets that I see even if I like the theme or not. I really love exo-force and am trying to get all of them.

The capitals in GameOn99 are meant to be capital.

This is where I tell you what I am working on. This includes planning, building, improving, drawing, or animating into videos. I also catagorize things into full series that have characters and high laugh potential, or lesser catagories that may just be for quick little one shots(my own term for little comedy bits) or extensions to a current series.

My Current Project-Haunted house : full series.

Series that are active:
the mad scientist (working title)
beneath the ocean
Haunt sweet haunt (working title)
My life as the assasin
The great caytaclysm (working title, not bionicle)

Movies in progress:
The great chase (working title)

Check often for updates.

l o o o o l
l o o o o l

Copy this brick if you like the way I sound or enjoy my videos
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