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Matthew Malinowski
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Before November 2010
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29 Jan 2015
United States
Buffalo, NY
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I loved LEGO as a small child up into my young teenage years. I managed to keep almost all of my sets intact, sans most of the instructions and boxes. For years my collection lay in my parents' attic until my love of LEGO was reignited. An offhand comment from a family member led me to purchase a newer Technic set, the Snowmobile. I enjoyed the set so much that I started to look for other cool new sets. After purchasing a couple, I was reminded of my old collection. I dug it up out of the attic and painstakingly sifted through the pieces and reassembled all of the sets I used to own. Unfortunately, now I can't get enough! I primarily like the display factor though I wish I was creative enough to build sets from scratch.
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