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Before November 2010
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26 Jan 2015
United States
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I like (LOVE) Bionicle. My favorite set, now that's a hard one. My first lego set? I don't know but my first Bionicle figure was Turaga Onewa. I have an account on Brickshelf, Bzpower, Eurobricks, and Lego Universe (not anymore since it's dead) under the same username.
I like the Slizer/Throwbots line along with Hero Factory and a few other themes. I'm a TFOL (that's teenage fan o' Lego for those who aren't up in Lego Lingo.) That's pretty much all about me.

I'm getting slow on reviewing, so I'll leave it up to you. If you want me to review something, contact me.

Yippee! I got on the HF Call Center (June 26, 2011):
"A four-armed skeleton warrior is attacking my home! He does this spinning attack with his golden weapons that destroy everything! It'll take at least four Heroes to stop him."
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