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Christian Krogh
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Before November 2010
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01 Sep 2014
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A few years ago, i decided to get out my old Lego from my childhood, and see if i could rebuild some of the sets. In search of manuals online i stumbled upon this site and became a member. I really enjoyed rebuilding, and reliving some of my childhood, so i decided to start collecting newer sets, mainly in the city line. I amassed a fairly big collection within a short time, and i did write some reviews here to.

Unfortunatly, due to personal issues i had to sell of all of my lego collection, and i have been away from the hobby since then.

Now (early 2013), i have decided to get back into it, though not nearly as heavily as before, hehe. I have started collecting a little again, but it will be a hard task finding some of the rare sets i had before.

Anyway, i will most likely be picking up on writing a few reviews again as i get back into collecting. :-)

Thank you for reading.
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